Medicine Ball Core Exercises : Medicine Ball Core Exercises: Ab Crunches

This functional core exercise that we are
going to be doing is using a stability ball and a medicine ball. So we are going to be
performing abdominal crunches and we are going to add a little bit of omph to this exercise.
So come on down to your stability ball, gently walk your feet forward to where the small
of your back is connected to the stability ball, then you can use about a four pound
ball, medicine ball or you can use two pounds or six pounds depending on your fitness level.
Either way take your arms, extend them straight up, and have a really good grip on your medicine
ball. Now, use your entire core region to lift straight up and lower down. Now, you
want to keep your arms nice and straight and allow your abdominals to do the work. Inhale
as your come back, exhale as you lift. Inhale back, exhale lift. Now, what you want to try
to focus on is lifting the ball straight up as to coming forward so lift straight up and
come back. And when you are finished simply just bend your arms and gently walk up out
of the position. And those are your abdominal crunches on the stability ball using a medicine


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