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you hey guys jeff cavaliere from what I want to do here is answer what you guys have asked for and that's a quick workout that you can do with very little equipment so I'm limited to just one piece of equipment and that's a medicine ball so I'll use like a 12 pound medicine ball today but if you just start now four pounds six pounds is the elements of the workout that's important so let's take a look real quick what I'm going to do here I like to call this my Eight is Enough workout if you only need to do eight exercises and you get everything done we're going to start with rolling push-ups you'll see what I'm talking about in a second 20 of those tricep push-ups I'll bring it in closer to work my back my arms 20 of those shoulder tosses with the medicine ball my wiper crunch combo times 10 each 25 on the ground the crunch part rolling squats working the legs still lunges with overhead twists a med ball RDL again the back of the legs now we'll finish with a little cool version of a curl using a medicine ball I'm not going to do all these reps because I want to keep this short and show you everything you got to do but if you want just rewind the video go back to the beginning and pause it and you'll have everything right here for you alright so let me get started right here I'm going to grab the medicine ball then start off with my rolling push-ups coming down roll it over across this is 3 4 5 6 K we're going 27 8 all right go right into tricep push-ups keep your arms in close okay turn to the side here a little bit up like this now I bring it down with my elbows stay close to my size and I come up and I work the back of my arm now okay working on I said 20 up there if you can only do 510 and that's all you can do okay work right there now come right down oh these shoulder tosses and work the stomach and core you have to lean back keep your feet up straighten your arms all the way up got to forcefully throw your arms up in order to work the front delts die belts your whole shoulder and then slow down that catch on the way down I got 15 written there 15 20 get tired write down the wiper crunch combo squeeze the ball in between the knees drop them down pull knock them down pull that's one get 10 then put it right up on top of your feet balance hands up crunch 25 something here straight out of martial arts it's a version of a squat you actually take the ball let it help you come up control stand up come right back down looks like this get a roll up all right it's over here straight down slow down slow and slow okay 15 keep the ball up on the last one come straight up twist lunge out twist stretch up your back turn towards you keep your core tight okay right down into the RDL that ball deal will work the back of the legs right here and back squeeze your glutes squeeze your butt to get you back up to the top down bounce squeeze come back up each slight let me show you on this side come down squeeze through here down squeeze up down you know 10 each leg okay go right into our curl caches for our arms people probably think you can't work your biceps with a medicine ball it's not true stay right here up catch slow it down so again you're throwing it and catching it at the hardest part of the curl exercise which is 90 degrees here parallel to the ground thirty of these your arms will be on fire at the end that's enough it is enough eight exercises start with the upper body working your arms front and back your legs the shoulders everything in one quick workout with one piece of equipment guys for more stuff hand over to athlean-x comm grab your copy the athlean-x training system today to get not only great stuff like that but an entire program that's laid out over 90 days to get you in the best shape of your life and guys this is not a p90x program I'm asking you to workout 90 straight days the total absorption this is 5 workouts a week with better results ok it's been tested on some of the top athletes and celebrities in the world to get it for yourself today you guys will be back here with some great new exercises I'm going to try to aim to bring to a week to you now from now on thanks doc to you soon


  1. I was looking for new workouts with the medicine ball. I've been using some of these workouts. I like using weighted for my Core workout.

  2. Oldie but a goody! Just crushed this in my kitchen with 10lb med ball 2rds 26:32 my two lil boys got in on the action/climbed all over me. Thanks for all the amazing content Jeff, my husband and I love your channel! Doesn't get any more informative and to the point👊, and I follow a lot of fitness accounts on here and insta and yours is my fav!

  3. I simply cannot do the Rolling Squats exercise, so I just did the squat portion of the exercise. The pushups are tough, with the triceps pushups being very BRUTAL!

  4. This looks like a good, intense workout! I never realized you could do all of this with a medicine ball! Is this to be performed as 1 set for the workout or 2 or 3 times?

  5. I made my. Own Muay Thai style medicinal ball training hope you enjoy it any cuestión ask free

  6. very helpful. just got a medacin ball for Christmas and didnt know much workouts to di with it. this vidio is great.

  7. Video quality gets better as he gets more popular, but I like this for in home. Redo this one in better quality???

  8. Just figured it out: this guy looks JUST like Christian Bale!! Plus he has excellent advice and instruction.

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