Medicine Ball Workout for Beginners

hey guys Santini here from Bri fitness if you like using the medicine ball for your exercise but you feel like you’re a bit of a beginner and you’re not sure quite what you’re doing then this is the video for you I’ve put together a beginner’s exercise circuit for you consisting of six exercises with ten repetitions per exercise once you’ve done all exercises you will then rest for one minute and then repeat and you will do the circuit a total of three times so if you’re ready let’s get straight into it so even though that was a beginner’s circuit that was still quite challenging I hope you enjoyed it let me know how you got on in the comments below otherwise please remember to hit the subscribe button as I’ve got many more workouts and exercise demonstrations on my channel otherwise I will see you soon for another video take care


  1. Hey there, thanks for this video. Just a question, how often would you recommend doing these exercise per week ? Should this be done on a daily basis ? Let's say at the start of each day ?

  2. Hey I want to burn my belly fat and I'm 18 years old so which weight ball should I start with????

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