Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Hey guys I’m national beauty correspondent
Stacy cox and we are going to spend the next few minutes trying to figure out how to revamp
and how to makeover your medicine cabinet. So the first thing we are going to do is grab
a waste basket and we have to have a heart to heart with our products and we need to
figure out which medicines and which makeup have expired and its ready to be tossed and
let go with love. A great tip is to take a permanent maker and
when you get a new product in the future something you’re excited to use something you can’t
wait to try out mark somewhere on it the date that you bought it or when you feel like its
going to expire so next time we do this task it makes it that much easier and it takes
the thinking out of the equation. So now that we you got to ask yourself what
so I need to get on my radar product wise? What new products? What’s out there? So I’m going to tell you about to iconic drugstore
products that I want to get back in your medicine cabinet. The thing you need to think about right now
that 30 million people are suffering from flu and cold like symptoms that is a fact
and its not fun. One of the leaders in the field for the last
30 years has been robitussin and two products that they have new products one is the robitussin
DM Max liquid filled capsules. These capsules are nothing short of fabulous. They really help with those cold and cough
symptoms. Toss them in your briefcase, your gym bag,
your purse or if your hitting a flight throw them in your travel bag and they will really
help and support you. The other thing to know about is the Robitussin
DM max night time that product is going to help you get the sleep you need when you’re
just not feeling well and you can go to and that will give you a little bit more information. Now the second thing I want to get back in
your medicine cabinet is good ole Vaseline jelly. I like to think of it as the ultimate wonder
jelly and it is the original dry skin healer. It deeply moisturizers to heal dry skin. That occurs when your dealing with things
like poor health or maybe there’s a medicine your taking or it’s just been crazy cold weather. Vaseline jelly date backs to 1870 and I think
the reason it’s so iconic and so useful is because it has a skin moisture barrier in
it or I should say a skin moisture mechanism. The mechanism goes in and it penetrates dry
skin deep down and thenit creates a barrier on skins surface so it’s a nice one two punch. Now a way to multitask with this product is
to slather it on your feet and put socks on and let it do its magic it’s going to really
help with the soles of your feet, your heels and the cuticles on your toes. Now for the ladies take a dab of the Vaseline
jelly and blend it with your Lucia eyeshadow or blush its going to give you that dewy effect
and more than that its going to be super hydrating which I think we all need right now. If you want to know more about Vaseline you
can like them on Facebook. They have a great page it’s VaselineUS and
for more information on me or to follow me on twitter which I would love I’m @stacycoxbeauty
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