Mary I like this wig, can I borrow it? Uh, that was in the trash! You throwing away all that stuff that’s in that bag? Yes! Why? What’s wrong with this wig? Well for starters it’s raggedy, it looks raggedy! And I prefer to wear my own hair. Put it back in the trash. Up there dumpster diving in my house. Yeah right your own hair…
can’t nobody see it it’s always covered You bald-headed? What’s going on? What’s the real deal? Come on now…Talk to me. Come on…talk to me! oh you funny, You ain’t tryna hear what I got to say! So I’m not even trying to… No no no really
no I really want to know, what’s the deal? what you hear it covered all the time
talk to me okay okay because the word says for women to cover their heads when
praying and prophesying and you don’t know when you’re gone have to pray. Oh here you go… the Bible say
this the Bible say that. The Bible ain’t say nothing about no wig! See that’s what see see I told you you didn’t want to hear it. So gone and put the wig back in the trash I ain’t putting nothing back in the trash, this look good on me…and the Bible ain’t said nothing about I can’t wear my wigs! I’m wearing my wigs! Look, I’m not about to do this with you today… Laugh all you want…besides, you always got your head covered it’s too hot to have your head covered! Wait a minute… Too hot! Ohh… but you want to put on a wig though! Look, bottom line is the
word says that I should have my head covered when praying and prophesying… since I don’t know when I’m gonna need to pray I don’t know when God gone move on me to prophesy I need to have my head covered! It honors him, furthermore the man is the
head of the woman…Christ is the head of the man… And God is the head of Christ. There you have it…I mean I want to see. You got to show me that! I’m not about to argue with you about…why are you over…what you come over here for anyway? What’s up? Oh I came to
borrow that dress that I told you I wanted to borrow… And umm, seeing this wig in that
bag and I had try it on you know how I am about my
wigs and it looks good on me okay so I lost my train of thought… oh so yeah I’m
gonna go ahead and get that dress thank you yeah I’m gonna grab that bag
of trash you know you gone throw it out I’m gone go ahead and take it. You they say. Umm…another man’s junk is another man’s treasure jumped? trunk? You know that I’m diving in your trash, that’s what Imma do…Okay… Leave my trash alone… we not gone talk about those earrings in your ear… I got something for you when you come out…Numbers 31:50 yeah…Numbers… Oh and first Peter… first Peter third
chapter you always… you’re always asking questions but you don’t want the answers you don’t want to know you don’t really want to know…Where’s first Peter third chapter…

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