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my name is Gauhar upon omean i'm the director of career services at American Career College so today we had seven station we have eight programs seven stations vocational and nursing RN was combined in one and they actually simulated delivering a baby we had Dental Assisting at pharmacy we had optics medical assisting we had pharmacy tech and we had surgical tech surgical surgical technology so the teams who were rotating accordingly you know when we got there it was just full of life you know you have all these simulations and what not a lot of people learning a lot of different things and it was just a really cool experience to see all these different associate degrees that you're able to learn at this one school all these students possible students for the future it doesn't matter if they come to American for college or they end up somewhere else they're really excited about the medical field and as I age I want people to take care of me so I'm so happy they're all interested in the allied health it's been really cool there's many different people talk I forgot to listen to dr. P talk around neurosurgery and then we ought to listen to some of the leaders here talk about leadership and we gotta be a better leader the program itself has just been a blast you know making friends has been really easy the programs that we've done the leadership series everything has just been really cool and really helped to give me a better perspective on what I want to do you

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