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hi there welcome to station 3 of this MMI I have seen you read through the scenario history repeats we have an 11 year old boy James his diagnosed with terminal leukemia illness and his parents have told the doctors not to tell the child it needs the void then ask for the doctor ask the doctor what he has what do you think the doctor should do this situation I mean it's a tricky scenarios you know I mean because look if you're in that situation however old you are or whatever your mental state you want to know so I reckon you know he deserves to know and I talked to the pair of parents and said look if I was in their situation then yeah I would tell the child because if you're going to die like you want to know and you won't be able prepare however old you are do you know do you know anything about capacity or do you think James will be competent not to make this decision I mean yeah I've heard of the terms capacity it like when you can understand information and things like that but in a life-or-death scenario should that really matter because like I said earlier was you're a six year old or 45 year old you should know when you're going to die okay okay I've seen way coming from so moving on so James has now made good progress with the treatment and he was discharged from the care of the hospital unfortunately a couple years later with James's 13 he relapses again his parents asked the doctor not to tell James what's wrong with him but now James is much more interested in this condition so now that he's not interested he appears to be older house more mature what do you think you should do here it's two years later and the parents are still saying the same things so you know I just listen to them and be like look I can't answer the questions because I've been told specifically by the friends not to and I tell the child this that look I can't answer but like he wants to know more about kidney she asked his parents they're the best so you thought would be better if his parents told him the information responsibility teeth oh yeah and also like stop by this it's a bit of a sterile environment at the doctor telling a young patient whereas the parents who tell them lie in the comfort their own home you know I mean to see people comforting well doctors generally have the duty to inform patients when they are out to the correct capacity hmm about their illness so knowing that information what would you do considering that yeah like it seems like maybe I should I should tell them I just wouldn't feel comfortable doing a young child I'm sorry I think it's better for the child that the parents tell them sure okay so moving on now a few days after James has advised of his diagnosis he asked to speak to you as a doctor and he knows his parents would agree with what you have to say he wants to stop having treatment for his potentially terminal illness what would you do in this scenario it comes out to his age again he's 13 like a doctor has been through so much training a doctors been through so many years of medical school and then worked for so long like the doctor will know what's best in this scenario so I think yeah continues to treat him like you continue to treat yeah I think that's what's best for him and that would be doing what's best in situation and do you not think the parent should have a say in his treatment I think they've they've been part of it all from the start but in this situation it's life or death possible potentially so I think the doctors if the person is in the best situation just step in make a decision and do what ultimately best for the child thank you for watching this free tutorial for medic bind to unlock 100 tutorials on topics such as ever my Oxbridge NHS structure work experience personality and much war click here now


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  2. In my opinion the child is the patient and for that has a right to know what is going on. I do understand the parents' point of view due to the age of the child but I would suggest to the parents that the best thing at the age of 11 would be for them to explain to him the situation. That way it would come from come from people he is comfortable with.

  3. I believe the child has a right to know what disease he has, as a basiic right of being a patient, however , due to his age he may not fully understand the condition and it may be best to consult with the parents first

  4. Cant this be said?- When the child is 13 and if he is in stress regarding his condition, then maybe the doctor should discuss this situation with the parents and then proceed towards the right course of action. please reply?

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