Medicine interview process at Exeter

My name is Aku and I’m
Student Recruitment and Admissions Manager at the College of Medicine and Health. As you know you’re going to face
a multiple mini interview today. Some of you might have had
an interview this style already, or perhaps you’ve just had a look online
to see what it’s going to entail. On the day the waiting was
a lot worse than the actual interview. The interview went by really quickly; the three minute stations zoom by and actually all the panellists
were quite friendly which was quite nice. Across one of our interview days
you may find that you’re going through a series
of different stations. We will employ the use of
multiple mini interviews, so what will happen is you’ll go
through seven stations and you’ll have a short period
of time at each station. You will meet one panellist
in each of the rooms, you’ll probably have around three
minutes in each room. Upon arrival you’re going to have a registration
period with a few members of our staff. We’ll have a look at your ID documents
and get you settled in ahead of an interview briefing, where we’re going to
talk to you about what you can expect in the interview and what kind of panellists
you’re going to see on that particular day. Good morning all lovely to see
you all here. Thank you very much for coming. Over the next 10 to 15 minutes
I’m just going to chat to you about what you can expect to go through in the
interview, and what the panellists themselves are looking for. I’ve got a few nervous faces
in the room but don’t worry at all, we are not here to be
intimidating. I remembered having the intro and you’re kind of sitting
around and there’s and a load of other
candidates sitting around you. It’s kind of ‘oh my god,
I’m going up against all these people’ You don’t know
anything about them because it’s essentially a competition
at the end of it. Yes, it’s quite ‘do I want to be
friendly with these people, or do I want to stay isolated?’ So yeah, it was a bit different. (Bell) Prior to your interview beginning, we’ll take you to your interview location and get you settled in. We are not here
to be at all intimidating with our interviews we really just want you to be
yourselves and just give us an indication of who you are as a person,
and what experiences you’ve had to date. So I prepared for my interview day
just by really, I primarily looked online at different resources that I found. I didn’t want to do too much
because I wanted it to be quite natural when I went into the rooms. I know some people did courses
and things like that but personally I decided that
I was just gonna do my own research. I did a mock interview at school
but not much more than that. I remember feeling really nervous because obviously it’s such a big day, and obviously medicine
was something I really wanted to do. It just mattered so much. As I had a tour and I’d had a
presentation at the beginning, it was just nice to just like
calm down before. Then went in and it wasn’t too bad. We’re going to use multiple mini interviews, and that’s a series of short stations and you’re
going to have three minutes at each station. (Bell) There’s going to be one panellist
in each room and they’re going to ask you a very small set of questions. Again, it’s mostly just about your own personal experiences and why you’d like
to join the University of Exeter. Some students will start medical programme but
won’t actually complete it. What factors do you think might cause a student to
drop out from the programme? Probably having the experience before
I feel like (tails off) If I could give a piece of advice I’d say try not to compare yourself
to anyone else because it’s really easy to think ‘ah they’ve got
all of this experience’ because you talk to loads of people beforehand and that can get you a bit flustered. So I think something that
I would take from it is, don’t compare yourself to anyone else
and just be yourself. There’s no real way to prepare for interview it’s just about your personal qualities, and why you might like to study with us. Really just be yourselves
give us a smile and do the best that you can.

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