1. Please, please stop preceding this video with a plea to impeach our President.  Granted, he is not the most likeable guy.  However, he: a) Prevents babies from being murdered; b) Keeps Hostile foreign nations and terrorists groups back on their heels; and, c) Has more economic prowess under his baby finger nail than Obama had in his entire body.  If you assume everybody thinks the way you do, you are one certified idiot.

  2. Jimmy's life was sad.  I assume that young girl waving to him early in the video was his girl.  I do know that McCulloch was, at one time, rated one of the best lead guitarists in the world.  You can never take that away from him.

  3. What a waste Jimmy McCulloch….great guitarist…should still be around in 2019 in whatever band it doesn't matter. Hope your next life is better Jimmy.

  4. Fuckin' A, Jimmy McCullough! Great song, great performance, great guitar solo. He only got to do a few songs with Wings. Wish he could have done a few more…

  5. dope kills your mind your soul then your life you know its happening but so hard to quit .its like stepping out in front of a bus you know is coming it sucks

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