Medicine man’s alleged sexual abuse haunts reservation

These are spread like. In Guam bleak. Mom bleak which has a population of approximately 700 in 25 people. He’s a small village located on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. In South Dakota. The split lines or iniki as it is called in the Lakota language. Is a place where secret rituals and ceremonial practices are observed. It’s here at a revered medicine man named Charles chip senior he’s accused of sexually abusing children. For many years. Chips allegedly abused his own daughters and granddaughters. The sexual abuse of children has long been regarded as a rampant. It’s largely unspoken problem now. I’m native American reservations. Lena chips was Mary. She says she was shocked to learn of the allegations. He abused children and during the sweat lodge ceremony. Ports what. Yeah he did sweats and that’s where a majority of our most common form was. He took a little girls and a new season he would do that to them and there and he would tell meant to steer it. Lena says. Her own relatives were victims. What would direct Altamont Charles Jensen my first I’m not I wanted to get a gun negotiated. I’ve got two more Mike Todd was my Collette the Arafat to. I think you know platter gun. I would hunt him down and not have blown them away from what he did to all these kids he hurt these kids the drastic. You know they’re really hurt he’s kid. Because some of these can’t and won’t care who they really don’t care. What happens to them. Really nap and pine ridge reservation chips became highly regarded. Spiritual leader. He was a father and grandfather. He released a CD a ceremonial Lakota songs and visited native American communities around the country. But in 2009. The reputation of disrespect it elder was shattered. When chips own son called tribal authorities. She teams father. Sexually abusing young children. I ended up talking with you know what I’d say he’s sprayed their uncle when other kids his uncle’s. Hand. Which would be the suspect’s son. And he got in a plea she meant when they explained. To me what was going on out there and that he was you know. It wasn’t right now you know Hughes he has kids in his own in you know he is afraid for their safety also we know. Chips was arrested on tribal charges of rape and child sex appease and placed in tribal jail. You know we get our reports we get into was asked of us this. Police officers phenol and get our report. And never heard nothing about it. You know after that he owned in which and I had us. Us wondering if we’d done some wrong on aren’t happy you know that life that’s why you know nothing like that happen. What officer pretty beer is referring to. Is the way criminal cases are handled in Indian Country. The jurisdiction. For felony crimes on reservations. Is generally cheered by the tribes and Andrew government. Chips case was investigated by federal officials in Rapid City, South Dakota. But in 2010. The US attorney’s office decided it did not have enough evidence to bring federal charge. Chips for set free after he was detained for a year. The maximum amount of time a suspect on pine ridge reservation. Is allowed to be held without going to try now. Sheets remained free for another three years. During this time prosecutors say he tried to intimidate his victims said he would not talk to investigators. But on July 16 2013. Chips was arrested in mom believed by federal authorities. After new evidence emerged. And there was also a new prosecutor. Heather Don Thompson. Taking a lead on the investigation. Thompson says she could not discuss details of the chips case. In sexual abuse cases she says it takes considerable time to gather evidence because victims are scared of sharing their stories. There are certainly some families in which the children are literally. They feel. You know they are being abused by some live up. They are your pick there are the ones that provide her home. In your food you live in either rural isolated. Area. People look up to here parent. You know who they weren’t half off if you do counseling you’re gonna be removed from the home in as a young person as a little person 78 or nine years old. I’m might be more or fine them what can now. Charles chips scene here now 67. He’s in Missouri fingerprints. He has pleaded not guilty. Chips is awaiting trial his attorney Terry L pitcher Oda says he’s not mentally or physically competent to take the stand. But shooting declined to comment on the case beyond his statement to the court. Where he ended chips has diabetes. High blood pressure congestive heart failure. And is unable to root Colin dance in one please.


  1. When Fools Crow died a huge part of Lakota spirituality died too. Today they can't speak indian and they all have dreams of being Russell Means (celebrity), there are no more medicine men, holy men, time moved passed all those ideologies.

  2. They just need too quit acting like niggas and start respecting the original ways before but whateverAs long as im still hereIll hold it downAs far as the allegations it justs proves sitting bulls prophecy of corruptuon and confusin and suffering that was going too happen.Its all right here right now

  3. He is my uncle on my fathers side. I'm ashamed of what he did women and his daughters! His brother Godfrey is real and true in the spiritual sense. Charles is not the defining person when it comes to our people and traditions.

  4. He’s innocent she told them. Boys to say that they confessed that there auntie told them to say that so he’s completely innocent

  5. the evil poison is everywhere u have to fight it and get right on the red road enough of destroying ourselves it just hurts when our native people hurt each other its time for change and spiritual healing.


  7. Centuries,,,this thing happened, to,,inocent humans,,one day,,everything bad finish, ,and,,machine came…….another war against the machine…humans half machine half monkey ups,

  8. Around in 1980, there was a man that came to the reserve and identified himself as a Healer. He was from North West Territory region. According to a few women, the man charged a fee. These women told their stories about their experiences. They were sexually touched in different areas of their bodies by this deviant pervert. People should make sure they have a profile of said Elders / Healers prior to interaction of any kind.

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