Medicine mantra of Buddha Healing Mantra 108 (!) times Repeat 佛 ॐ Powerful Mantras 2019


  1. Repeated exactly 108 times in video!!!
    ☸ Medicine mantra of Buddha
    ☸ Healing mantra for Health from any illness
    ☸ Powerful Mantras Meditation Music Channel 2018 (PM)
    ☯ Healing Buddha 佛 Cycle ☯
    ॐ divine energy of spiritual enlightenment

    This mantra is recommended to learn by heart (in Sanskrit) and sing it one full lunar month many times a day.

  2. What a blessing! This rendition is therapeutic in itself. Thank you so much! May all being be free from suffering 🙏

  3. I learned today the inner pharmacy! The concept is true. Im taking vitamins for everything and a doctor told me yesterday that eating an orange fulls you with (dont remember what vitamin) for 6 months! Only 1 orange. Anyways love hearing this mantrs

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