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what is up guys karma medic here and welcome back to another dose we're continuing the MMI series today you guys have been really enjoying the videos and finding them useful so I'm coming more questions if you don't know who I am my name is Nasir I'm a second year medical student at King's College London and I make these youtube videos to help you guys through the application process if you guys want to follow me on Instagram you can get a deeper look into my day-to-day life and what it is that I do at medical school if not that's cool just watch the video and let's just jump straight into it so the question that I want to tackle today is what is your biggest strength and what is your biggest weakness again a common MMI question that comes up over and over again in these interviews it might be phrased something along the lines of what is something that will make you a good doctor and what is something that might hold you back so that's something saying you know why is one of your biggest strengths and was one of your biggest weakness is how you want to tackle this question I guess let's split this video up into two parts let's talk about the strength question and then the weakness question and we can tackle them both individually so let's start with what is your biggest strength this is maybe the easier one you want to be able to choose something and talk about something that doesn't really have to be specifically related to medicine it can be about what makes you unique what makes you a good person what makes you good at what you do something that would make you a value to the community at their University and a valuable doctor in society what you actually choose doesn't really really matter anything that you talk about about you is going to be fine but you want to make sure that you back it up with scenarios you back it up with examples so you can show why it is that you're saying you're good at whatever it is you're saying you're good at so when you're answering this question you want to really quickly shortly summarize what is it that you're good at for example you want to say one of my biggest strengths is that I'm very good at teaching I'm very good at teaching other people that needs to be the shortest part of your answer you don't want to go on long about that you just want to say what is they good at and then spend the rest of the time talking about your experiences and your value and how you did those things that you said so that should be the shortest part of your answer you want to spend the rest of the time talking about examples of how you showed you were a good teacher for example this is something that I talked about and I talked about in my previous uni organising little tutorial like sessions with students from the lectures that we could go over a different material each week and I would learn the material prepare some PowerPoint slides and teach that material to other students on University and now a great way for me to learn the material myself but also a way to teach others so like I said whatever the strengths that you choose is it doesn't really matter it's all about the story that you tell how you back it up and remember that's what's gonna make you unique to the interviewer if you tell them an experience or an activity that you did that's really interesting they're gonna remember you they're gonna remember your face they're gonna remember your story it's gonna make them more likely to give you a higher score or remember you when they're discussing you as a potential candidate I've talked about this many times on the channel but you want to be using the star technique or the star method we're supposed about describing the situation first it should be really a small part of your answer then you move on to talk about the task what it is that you were doing how it went above a block and then the biggest part of your answer the juiciest most meaty part should be about the action what actions did you take what did you actually do how did you do it how did you get through it and then you want to talk about the art and star for result so what happened how did this improve something how did this make something better where did you go from there how are you gonna change moving forward things like that so some of the common things that students will say is their biggest strengths is something like communication leadership or management and I mean those are fine they are going to be some of the more common answers given and they are fine like I said again if you have something to back it up with examples activities etc but you might want to be giving something a little bit more unique a little bit more personal if you can and I'm sure you guys have a lot of experiences a lot of extracurricular activities where you've demonstrated skills that are necessary for becoming a doctor and you can talk about those they might be a little bit more interesting for example you can talk about your ability to empathize and that will have come across in your work experiences whatever you did whether it was working at a volunteer home or shadowing a doctor in a hospital anything like that you'll be able to talk about your empathy skills you can also talk about your ability to listen of course something else extremely important in medicine you can talk about your ability to be very meticulous very detail-oriented picking up on facts and things that are changing in your environment very well anything really just try and find something unique that you can talk about it's gonna go a really really really long way if you say something unique in an interview and back it up with examples now the more tricky part of this question is if you're asked to talk about a weakness nobody likes talking about a weakness no one finds this question easy and it definitely takes some preparing to get used to talking about and knowing what it is that you want to say and in fact when you're answering the question I think that's something important to say you can say I acknowledge that I definitely have some weaknesses and I've been trying to work on them in the past and I'm currently working on them to improve Who I am as a person one of those weaknesses is blah blah or my biggest weakness is bubble box you want to acknowledge the difficulty of having the weakness or knowledge that you have a weakness and talking about how you're improving it what you're doing to change how you're moving forward these are all really important things it all falls under the umbrella of reflection which is something super important in medicine and yeah make sure you can acknowledge that you have weaknesses you're not a perfect person and you're working on them to improve now when it comes to choosing the weakness that you're gonna talk about it obviously can't be something that's central to the role of a doctor for example you can say my biggest weakness is communicating my biggest weakness is talking to people who I don't know my biggest weakness is being able to remember a lot of facts sorry definitely not weaknesses that you want to have if you're entering the field of medicine you want to choose a weakness that is a true and legitimate weakness not something like I work way too hard or I'm Way too focused I'm way too driven motivated trying to make this money you want to make sure that you say a true weakness okay not something that's like a fake weakness twisted as a strength so yeah find something that isn't central to the role of a doctor for example socialization skills interpersonal skills you know being really detail-oriented these are things that doctors need to have so if you say that is my biggest weakness it's probably not gonna come across well so I think I have a really good way to tackle this question once you've chosen what your weakness is I'll give you guys the example that I used and the example that I used was public speaking and in fact till this day I still find public speaking kind of difficult it still gets me really nervous public speaking is definitely not my strongest point but it's something that I have been working on a lot in the past and something I'm continuing to work on to improve so so how do you answer this question once you've chosen this weakness let's say for my example is public speaking you can say that okay my biggest weakness is public speaking and how I go about this is saying something like I realized that I wasn't so great at public speaking when for example let's say I had to make a good announcement in front of my lecture hall to promote a society or when I had to present my poster in front of hundreds of students at summer fair whatever something like that when did I realize that I had this weakness and then I'll go on say something about how I thought about my weakness realized how important it is to not have that weakness and what I'm doing to change it so for example I realized I had this weakness in public speaking I started thinking about you know in my future I'm gonna be doing lots of public speaking at conferences poster fairs as a doctor in the community promoting health and things like that and so I definitely wanted to be able to do public speaking confidently so what did I do from there how did I improve my public speaking when I talked about is putting myself in positions on purpose that would force me to improve public speaking it would force me to do public speaking so for example in my societies I would volunteer to go in front of the classroom and talk to lecture halls about the society and promote it to force myself to speak in front of large groups of people and slowly slowly that kind of breaks down the buyers and gets you more and more used to it last year I also taught second year medical students some immunology because my previous degree at the University of Toronto was an immunology so I had like I prepared a PowerPoint slide for like a 40 minute lecture on arthritis and rheumatoid diseases and I gave that lecture in front of a group of people and that's another way for me to practice my public speaking to get involved in it and just do it over and over again to eventually eliminate the fears and anxieties that I have so that's when you talk about what it is that you're doing to improve after that you can reflect on it how has it gone have you improved at all and of course I would say something like my public speaking has improved drastically since that original time when I noticed that I had this problem and through my repeated exposure and putting myself in these situations I have become a lot better at public speaking for example when I went to university in kcl medical school and I told that immunology lecture I was way less nervous way less shy not as shaky and that showed me that I had really improved focus on how I brought in an example there's no point in saying I'm Way better at public speaking now if you don't say how if you don't show what you've done to prove it you have to show examples and giving examples is the best way for an interviewer to remember you as a person to remember who you are so yeah towards the end of this question I would talk about how it is that I improved and also reflecting back so you know like I've seen this change going forward I've seen this change over at the time then you want to talk about the future so what am I going to do to continue working on this what am I going to do continue improving and you can talk about you know continuing to work with societies continue to doing these community outreach things to try and promote your public speaking skills so yeah guys I think that's all I have for you for the strengths and weaknesses MMI medicine question if you guys enjoyed this video please do leave a like on this video subscribe to the channel share this channel with all of your friends if other friends are taking the MMI interview as well show this channel to them that's been all help each other out and hopefully learn something together I hope you've enjoyed this video I hope you've learned something useful and you can use this prepare yourself for your own medicine MMI questions you guys have anything you want to know specifically anything you want me to do video on let me know in a comment down below and I will see you guys in the next one peace


  1. Isn't making videos on youtube a sort of public speaking? XD You're presently talking to 7870 people and you're pretty good at it! Thank you for this prep, very helpful for my McGill University interview!

  2. Came back to this video and realised we share the same biggest weakness 😂 I've realised it about two years ago
    However, I've yet to find my strength.

  3. All of these videos are making me so much more comfortable with the idea of getting into med! Your videos are super informative and I feel like I'm learning so many important things so thank you 🙂 Also – for my biggest weakness would it be okay to say that I care too much about what others think? Or is that something that is vital to medicine?

  4. Loving your videos! I have three med school interviews in the upcoming month. I just requested to follow you on instagram 🙂 @sandraforallmankind

  5. OMG u are a life saver. Needed this so much!!!! I have an interview at Dundee university for dentistry in January/ Can you recommend any sources to study for MMI?

  6. Thank you so much for doing what you do! I decided not to apply to the UK and changed my mind 2 weeks before taking the UKcat which I scheduled for the last day possible… And then binge watched all your UKCAT videos! They absolutely saved my life. I very unexpectedly, have an interview at Manchester (my dream Uni) and was wondering if by any chance you have any advice or know of anyone who might be able to help me out, specifically with Manchester? Thanks again for being such a kind, generous and helpful human being!

  7. This was really helpful! Do you think that struggling to balance multiple tasks under time pressure is a good weakness? It is difficult to explain but I find that when I am at work I have a million tasks to do but I get stuck with one person for way too long because I want to make sure they are 100% happy and everything is perfect. Obviously doctors can be under time pressure e.g. 10 min GP appointments but should never rush so not sure how to play this as a weakness…

  8. hey kharmamedic. Big fan of yours from Austria! ☺️ do you recommend any specific websites/books that have a bunch of MMI questions?

  9. Hey! Thanks for the video, your tips have helped me a lot. Is it possible for you to do a video on the station where they make you tell someone bad news, calm someone down etc.? This is what I am most nervous about so your experience would be very useful. 🙂

  10. i want to mention a weakness in terms of not prioritising my mental health during studying. But all scenarios in my head which have personally lead to mental health issues relates to working too much and taking no breaks( which isn't ideal for a dentist/medic), so how would i implement this weakness into a reason which isn't a key asset to the field i want to go in?? I guess what i am trying to say is how do i mention the issue of dealing with my mental health without relating it to a quality of being a dentist?? Because a lot of universities expect you to be able to handle stress and ask what you do to destress. If in my interview i mention that a weakness of mine is not knowing how to deal with stress and as a result it has effected my mental health, will they not like this?? It is something I have generally struggled with during a levels and is the only none cliche weakness I can think of right now while also being very true to this day. help 🙁

  11. Depsite not doing medicine your vids have helped me secure 2 interviews for dentistry. Thank you so much!

  12. One of your biggest stengths is your ability to make well structured and informative videos at the perfect time!! 👏🏻😁

  13. Hey your videos have been incredibly helpful! I've followed them from the time you've mentioned about applying from Canada, to your tips for studying for the UKCAT, writing a personal statement, and now all the way to here where I've received interviews and now looking to prep! Thank you so much, you're incredible!!! 😀

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