Medicine time

me scandal who's pitching the olam vacation time this is the Queen the Queen medication Mac hit me jesus christ almighty you nuts want to play cards you want a fucking jerk anybody stay back excuse me I just wanted to hurt huh patients aren't allowed in the nurse's station well I just wanted to out you turn when you're outside we'll discuss whatever problem you have okay the patients are not allowed in the nurse's station all right yes ma'am thank you not excuse me miss do you think it might be possible to turn it music down so maybe a couple of the boys could talk that music is for everyone mr. McMurphy yeah I know but you think we might ease it down a little bit so maybe the boys didn't have to shout huh what you probably don't realize is that we have a lot of old men on this ward who couldn't hear the music if we turned it lower that music is all they have your hand is staining my window sorry sweeper huh your medication what's in the horse pill it's just medicine it's good food yeah but I don't like the idea of taking something if I don't know what it is don't get upset mr. McMurphy I'm not getting upset miss pilbow it's just that I don't want anyone to try and slip me saltpeter sorry miss pilbow if mr. McMurphy doesn't want to take his medication orally I'm sure we can arrange that he can have it some other way but I don't think you'd like it mr. McMurphy you'd like it wouldn't you let up give it to me very good yummy


  1. This a good example of how the bitch factor operates against the male there's plenty of them working for the authorities out there-we're in so much fuckin trouble with the powers seized and numerous laws in there favour to show there arrogance and contempt that's totally indulged in this institution that's made and contrived by females

  2. I was born in 1973 so this movie is in my memories from way back. It seemed way back when that nurse Ratched was a jerk. Now that I look at this as an adult, what the hell is so wrong about her? She seemed to play the role of the "asshole authority" someone that was trying to stop the boys from being "normal". Seems she was doing what is right.

  3. I swear to God I was handing out medications in a locked adult inpatient Ward Denver Colorado just like this one morning I had been there all night and I was real tired it was medication time and a young maybe 20 year old girls came up to the window for her medicine and she was real sweet and happy and smiling she said you want some LSD and I thought all God you really need your medicine come on honey you need to take your medicine your little so you know I didn't say this but that's what I thought I encouraged her to take her meds cuz she psychotic right so she pulls out a little sticker with a marijuana leaf on it and gives it to me and I'm so tired I'm just set it over there and another nurse saw it and said oh my God that's really acid well her visitors were bringing in acid and everybody in the ward was getting the LSD I swear to God the cops came and tested it we had to call all the doctors you know I really think it was therapeutic though it was probably doing a lot better for the patients then the electroshock therapy

  4. Let's look at why the line, "That music is all they really have" is honestly pretty fucked up.

    Thino forward to how McMurphy is lobotomized by the end, leaving him mentally and physically incapacitated. This happens because he feels a rational bout of anger towards Nurse Ratched for passive-aggressively causing the suicide of Billy.

    Now, imagine those elderly and incapable folk mentioned by Nurse Ratched. We dont know their stories or where they came from. But considering how "out of it" they are, there might be the possibility that they acted so against the psychiatric system that they, too, were messed around with mentally (lobotomy, etc).

    So EFFECTIVELY, Nurse Ratched is engaging in playing music for more severe patients that she LOBOTOMIZED or F***ED around with mentally and she uses this justification to continue to keep a rigidly controlled tyrannical system she implements to take advantage of the not-so-severe (or even normal, in the case of McMurphy) patients.

    Really makes you think how people there are made crazier because Nurse Ratched wants them to never get better.

  5. Louise Fletcher, skilled at playing an evil cunt. Nurse Ratchet was a triple-A cunt, Kai Wynn was a major league cunt.

  6. Eastern rats taking over usa. They should burn in hell. Worse than hitler mussolini and pavelic.

  7. Tbh, I think I'd let nurse rachett stick a supossetry up my arse, imagine being in there with nothing to wank over…the images you could create in your mind of her maybe 'accidentally' touching your cock somehow or maybe her heavy breathing on your neck and she forcefully violates YOU, I picture her being a bit of a sadist in bed, you know likes being bitten and scratched, have her pulled, throat filled. I said I wouldn't…but.

  8. 1:55 Clearly an outtake/blooper that they left in and edited. When Jack makes the beating off noise you can see Louise Fletcher laughing from behind the shoulder then Jack looks at her sticking his tongue out.

  9. I was in one of those types of facilities once and after 2 weeks I felt progressively worse. I knew they were slipping me something besides my usual meds so one night at med time I had the nurse call out the meds they were giving me and one of them was not my usual medication as I suspected. I refused to take it and they told me if I don't they will tell the doctor and he will keep me in longer. I refused to take it and the next day the doctor confronted me with it and I explained it made me worse. Luckily he understood and took me off of it. I don't know about back then but they can't force meds on you and they have to consult the doctor first before any actions or decisions are made.

  10. Man this movie is a trip. Saw it once on regular tv when I was little. Need to watch this mess again. Lawd!!!

  11. This film is right on the mark ,I still dislike that nurse to this day, it was all about control and sadly I don't think that there has been much improvement in the way we treat the mentally ill today!!

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