Meet Amruti Borad, DO: Primary Care Physician

My philosophy in taking care of my patients
is that I like to establish a relationship and therefore an effective method of communication,
and I like to present multiple different options for treatments and let us make an informed
decision together. Because every patient is an individual. I went into family medicine because I went
through multiple rotations during medical school and I liked a little bit of everything
and I liked treating patients of all different ages and I really enjoyed building long lasting
relationships with patients and their families. What a new patient can expect from a visit
with me is that I will ask you several questions in order to get a comprehensive view of your
health. I like to focus on a few problems at a time
so I can do due diligence. Preventive care is always better because it’s
better to prevent a problem than having to go backward and fix the problem. Also, sometimes people feel that they’re very
healthy and that they don’t need preventive care but they might be the first person in
their family to be diagnosed with something and that way you’re really protecting yourself
and your loved ones. The thing I like most about being a physician
is the relationships that I get to form with my patients and also the fact that medicine
is constantly changing and I get to learn something new every day.

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