Meet Anne Arundel Dermatology’s Physician Assistant, Justin Adrien

Hello my name is Justin Adrien I’m one of the physician assistants at Anne Arundel Dermatology recently started for the practice in
November 2010 and as of March of 2013 I started doing
– branching of and doing general dermatology and that’s what I’ve been doing now for
over a year. Initially, I actually didn’t I knew what I wanted to do while I was
going in PA school and was emergency medicine and I did my full didactic year and then came up on our year clinical
rotations and I did the first rotation and family
practice second rotation in pediatrics and then after that I did dermatology and doing dermatology
that third that third rotation which is my elective
rotation completely changed everything around, You know it
definitely has a lot of all the aspects that you’re looking
for when you’re practicing medicine the biggest thing about dermatology as I
said it’s still kinda practicing the art of medicine in just the ability to grow and learn more and
I just equated kinda getting that joy I’ll
just you know now I know this now I know that and down that’s definitely been the
the biggest part love up the challenge of Dermatology
itself. The physician assistant profession is is relatively new and because of that a
lot of people don’t really know exactly what a physician assistant is. When I have patient I come upon who you
know don’t really understand what it is I kinda give them a history of the background that the profession
initially started out as Navy Medics who were in in the war in 1960s and they were trained you
know, to be basically the doctors on the field and they had all this training in the
war was over and you know they’re need wasn’t you know that wasn’t there anymore. So
now they needed a way to be able to still continue their job you know
everything that they’ve loved and everything that they practiced for so Duke University made this program
where they would take these maybe medics and that they would put
them through a program that allowed them to do a lot of the similar courses that
were that are in medical school and also practice alongside a a physician and then after that you go
on to do a residency. A residency is when basically you’re working every day be seeing patients you’re reading a lot
you know when you’re just continuing to grow and to learn more dermatology
and I would equate the physician assistant profession to basically being a resident during that entire period of time. You
know, that’s pretty much a role where you have your supervising there
just in case you know if anything should should be a problem and
after a certain period of time with working as with any other job you you know you know more. You need
your supervising less and less. You know so it definitely is important to have
that time were you are you know residency for dermatologists
board-certified dermatologists three years long so you know you’re you’re looking at that
time we still continuing to learn and continuing to grow another thing that the position assess
and professional hours is that it allows you to you know in conjunction work with
someone you know you don’t have to have all the answers you know have to know all the diagnoses you know
just it allows you to be able to to work well
with the supervising it sometimes bring in in him or her into the case yeah
definitely I’m her collaborative now I have my own schedule
a patient and I you know they come in they see me in
the majority of them I i have his new patient and they just only see me arm if there were you know
ever something that I wasn’t sure about is something I can always grab my
supervising physician but the the roles are pretty much separate
you know my to revising has his own schedule I have my own schedule and then you know we kinda meet in the
middle you know and I’d still discuss a lot of things with them kinda pick his
brain for different things you know I’m a man did something one way that I
I’ve read about in the textbook in everything I say but I’ll go to humans like how would you
manage that majority the time everything’s on pace but sometimes he has ideas that just aren’t
written in the textbooks you know say this is what we normally do
we find that it works better so you notice though continuing to pick his
brain and you know on you know continuing to learn through
that is also hopeful


  1. This guy is so awesome! It makes me proud to have him as a fellow PA! I hope we meet someday! Peace! Omar Abdul-Malik DHEd, MPAS, PA-C

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