Meet Bryan Leek, MD, Sports Medicine Physician and Orthopedic Surgeon

My name is Brian Leake and I am an
orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine, particularly problems
with the shoulder elbow hand and wrist as well as the knee.
I am currently involved in taking care of the San Diego Padres
including the minor league teams that are spread out throughout the country
and I will regularly travel to Arizona and help take care of the farm system.
Taking care of professional sporting teams and high-level athletes is a great
privilege and it’s fun to be a part of and it really helps incorporate new ways
of treating players and ultimately patients in my practice because everyone
has different needs and different goals and surgery might not be for everyone
and non-operative treatment might not be appropriate for everyone and it’s
finding the right balance and letting the patient be involved and collecting
data and being mindful about the diagnosis and treatment options.
I value athletics personally I tell my patients that being athletic helps
overall mental and physical health and it’s generally one of the things I tried
to advise advise patients to continue to do I personally have two young children
so activities have been broad from revisiting baseball playing tetherball
basketball when I have time alone and I’m not with my kids I generally run and
I surf and now my kids are starting to surf which is a great experience for me.

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