Meet Christine Hartman, ARNP, MSN | UnityPoint Clinic® Internal Medicine – Penn Avenue

I’m Chris Hartman, and I’m a nurse
practitioner at UnityPoint Clinic Internal Medicine at Penn Avenue. All
kinds of patients come in to see us at the clinic. A lot of times it’s just a
maintenance visit, maybe their hypertension, diabetes, thyroid issues. And then sometimes sprinkled throughout the day I see people who have something more
urgent, like an upper respiratory infection. Maybe they’ve injured their
self in some way, and they’re needing more help that day. The milestones of
course that we like to see is that people are getting better. That’s how we
mark our success. People are passionate here about what they do and whoever is
the person who has that task, they get it completed, or they find somebody who will,
and that to me is what sold me on UnityPoint. Free time for me is usually
involving some kind of activity. I like to get outside. Walking my dog, riding my
bike, running – doing something outside. Working in my yard. I do decorating. I
like to kind of take a room as a fresh palette, strip it down, and redo it. So
that’s the kind of things I like to do for entertainment and for hobbies. These
are pictures of my two children. My son and my daughter and my daughter-in-law
Wedding picture here that was taken at a winery at their wedding a couple
years ago. And this is a family photo taken at Christmas time.
I love taking care of people, and I cannot imagine anything else. When I was
five and my grandfather was in the hospital, I saw the nurse taking care of
him, and I was just drawn to her. I couldn’t take my eyes off of what she
was doing, and when she left the room, I remember it vividly. I just started
puff and powdering my grandfather and I took his dentures and I started
scrubbing him, and I knew I want to be a nurse. I knew there was no other route
for me, and that was my only goal

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