Meet Cristina D’Alessandro, Paramedic, Researcher, Author

my name is Christina del Santo and I’m a primary care paramedic with York Region paramedic services I’m also a junior fellow at the McNally project at Toronto General Hospital and I’m studying ultrasound I decided to pursue research because even as a student I knew that they were very large gaps in screening and diagnosis and treatment for heart disease especially in the female population so understanding that as a student and then becoming a paramedic I realized that the solutions they lay in research and they lay in producing the evidence-based practice I think that most of healthcare research is produced by physicians and is produced by in hospital clinicians and a lot of physicians or even cardiologists think about including paramedics and their studies we present a lot of really different aspects and variables that are not considered in a more controlled environment my research interests include point-of-care ultrasound specifically in being ready I get in lung might appear ultras communist auscultation it was very insensitive and ultrasound holds a lot of promise seeing things actually seeing mechanical ends of things instead of hearing this year was my very first publication is painting / medicine but I’m hoping in the next eight to ten months that’ll have my first amplification and a peer-reviewed journal hopefully the focus journal and it will be on the pre-hospital uses of ultrasound by non physician users [Music] join us in celebrating paramedic services week from May 27th to June 2nd to learn more about York Region paramedics and how to get involved visit York CA slash paramedic services week [Music]

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