Meet Dalia Elias, MBBS: Primary Care Physician

during my childhood years I had some
unique experience as a refugee for a small amount of time and I came to see
the great physicians and health care workers helping the patients in need
they were from all over the world this actually influenced me and later on in
my life I saw different health care workers who work tirelessly to better
the life of the patients so I thought maybe I should be that change and
influence their lives compassion is a really powerful word every patient is
unique they come from different backgrounds come from different points
of their life different jobs different cultures different areas so I want my
patients to feel that connection with me and my team at UC San Diego health
whenever a new patient come I would like to take more time to get to know them
very well to know about their background is itself as you know the most
important part to build a long-term relationship I help the relationship
with the patient I just want my patients to know that we
are there for them we would provide the best care possible for them all the workers, the healthcare workers directly or indirectly related to
patient care they work tirelessly to bring the best care for the patient the
patient is the most important part of of our health care system

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