Meet Deepashree Gupta, MD – Endocrinologist | UCLA Health Westlake Village

I’m Dr. Deepashree Gupta. I’m an assistant
clinical professor of endocrinology at UCLA. I take care of hormone disorders
like diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, adrenal and pituitary disorders,
osteoporosis, and also some rare disorders like thyroid cancer. I have a
personal connection with diabetes affecting my family, so it’s very
important to me to counsel my patients as to how to avoid complications of
diabetes. It gives me great joy when patients make lifestyle changes and come
back feeling better, so please feel free to call us if you have any questions, and
we are happy to answer them for you.


  1. My thyroid nodule is four cm and benign should I be keeping it or remove it my tag is ok all other free t3t4reverse antibodies everything ok can this turn into cancerous

  2. I need to find an endocrinologist that understands the parathyroid well. Unfortunately the two that I visited knew diabetes well but had no clue on the parathyroid.

  3. Adrenal insufficiency-fatigue, and thyroid nodules present. Are they related ? Best specialty doctor I can see for this with adrenals?

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