Meet Dianna Yip, DO, FAAP, Pediatric Palliative Medicine | Ascension Texas

Hi i’m Dianna Yip and I’m a pediatric
palliative medicine physician I have always liked like science and art
and to me medicine was kind of a good combination of both of those things It took me a long time to get to
palliative medicine like most people don’t start out wanting to pick that I
think a lot of it has come from me wanting to sit down with families and
just really listen to them and palliative medicine there’s time for
that it’s a really different specialty and I just love listening to the stories
that families have and listening to why they make decisions it’s because of
their story and their journey and it’s just being able to hear that is so
wonderful that’s what I’ve been attracted to it It takes time I think a lot of us expect
sort of this instantaneous I’m gonna walk in and somebody’s gonna just tell
me all these things and we’re just gonna have this close relationship and it’s
gonna be like that and that’s usually not true there’s so much happening with
a family that sometimes when I meet them it’s just kind of like hey this is what
I do and they’re not quite sure what the heck I’m talking about and then it
really just takes a lot of visits to just kind of slowly show them this is
what palliative medicine does this is what listening does and just kind of
being able to help them navigate almost in the background it’s a lot of really
kind of directing them and listening and saying it sounds like you said this and
making sure is that what she meant yeah well let’s talk more about that it’s
just it’s time honestly that’s what I think it is Being somebody who does a lot of pain
management and opioids are used and I think they have an appropriate place but
there’s a big opioid crisis and so when I’m meeting families at pain and
patients that have pain issues sometimes that’s not the best medicine and I find
that they’re seeking alternatives that don’t utilize pills and sort of the
traditional Western medicine typing so I’m actually starting to explore that
route and I’m hoping you know I’ll be able to bring that into my practice Sometimes I meet kids who are not even
born yet so I’m meeting their parents prenatally and it could be for many
different reasons but then I’m able actually to see some of these kids grow
and some get better some have a lot of trials and tribulations that we have to
work through but to be able to watch them and be part of their story and like
three years later say oh yeah I know that kid like and be able to talk
everything about them I love the continuum that is palliative care
sometimes there’s a lot happening at other times we can back off and just say
hey you see you later but we’re always there and that’s what I
love about it So one of my biggest hobbies is I
ballroom dance so me and my husband are ballroom dancing and I also compete I
think the other big thing is that I’m actually starting my yoga teacher
training so I’m hoping again to bring that into my practice but also I just
love to do it

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