Meet Dr. Anthony Dresbach, Family Medicine Physician

[MUSIC PLAYING] I’m Tony Dresbach. And I’m a family physician. And I work with Family
Medicine of Lincoln. As I was working on a biology
degree at Augustana College, I realized I had to come up
with something to do with it. And family medicine
has always seemed to me to be what you think of with,
you know, family doctor. I personally enjoy knowing a
little about a lot of things as compared to a lot
about a few things. The best part of
my day is always when I’m in the exam room with
the patient and their family. One thing that’s probably
different about me and my practice is I
don’t really want to see 30, 40 people a day. I really prefer to spend a
little more time with people. I try not to be
paternalistic in my practice and tell people what to do. I really try to explain
what my concerns are and help them make a decision
that they’re comfortable with. I really, really
enjoy the interactions between the generations. I’ve had the privilege
of caring for, you know, children, their parents,
and their grandparents. So having the various mix in
the room is really enjoyable. I really, really thrive on that. As part of my training, I
would do specialty rotations with obstetrics,
with cardiology, with the various specialties
and subspecialties. And that’s been a really a good
benefit for me in my practice because I know many of
the specialists in town. They can help you
determine if somebody needs an appointment with
them or if it’s something we can co-manage over the phone. It is really gratifying
when you have follow-up with somebody
that you realize you did make a difference. You know, whether it
was making a diagnosis or helping guide
them in terms of who they see for a consultation. So on a professional level,
it’s very gratifying. I really enjoy the out
of office interactions with people as well that
I know through the office.

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