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I really believe that when it comes to treating
a patient, keeping them well is more important than anything else we can do. So it’s a collaborative effort and a partnership
with my patients to keep them healthy and keep them feeling at their best. And that’s really what we like to do for my
practice, is reach out to the patients and work with them to keep them healthy, and work
and promote their wellness. I am dedicated to being their primary care
doctor. I want them to feel comfortable coming to
me and knowing that I’m going to be there for a long time to help them. I want them to feel comfortable in knowing
that this is a partnership for their health and I’m a part of that partnership and I’m
there to steer them through whatever their health issues may be. I truly enjoyed working with patients. I come from a health background, having worked
as a physician’s assistant for 12 years. And it was actually more of a natural progression
for me. I realize that I enjoy working with patients
and truly by being a primary care doctor I get to have a lot more interaction with patients,
and really get to help them a lot more. So for me, going into medicine was really
more of a natural progression for helping people stay healthy.

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  1. He is the best Dr. ive ever seen , he is different than the normal Dr we all know of today.. He cares about you and helping his patients.. Heart of gold and an AMAZING DR….. Shawn D

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