Meet Dr. Brian Torre, a physician at LewisGale Regional Health System in Salem, Va.

(slow bells music) – My name is Brian Torre,
I am an orthopedic surgeon, and I’ve been here at
Lewis Gale for many years. And I again practice orthopedics and I do specialize and
upper extremity surgery. I think my father was my role model. He was a pathologist and he practiced in, actually in Lewis Gale and then the Roanoke area, since 1959. He was a pathologist but he loved medicine and he was a very strong influence on me, and actually all my siblings, all five of us went into medicine. I like to connect with the patients, I want them to think that I am
generally interested in them, and not just for their medical aspects. I enjoy, as I said, talking to
people, learning about them. And in the process of that, we try to take care of their problems. And with my specialty in
hand and upper extremities, I’m often called in to work with athletes, usually through someone else
who may be affiliated with them but they’ll call on me and I’ll help. So I have a lot of experience
in working with the athletes in the various high schools and colleges. And I feel very blessed to
be able to have that ability to perform the operations that we do, and to guide patients to
recovery and improvement. There’s nothing else that is
more satisfying than that. (slow bells music)

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