Meet Dr. Esther Saalfeld — Primary Care Physician at St. Elizabeth

Hi, I’m Dr. Esther Saalfeld, and I’m a
Family Physician at St. Elizabeth. Grew up in Fort Wright until I was 8th grade,
and then we moved to Central Kentucky. Did well in science. I’m also … I like people. I like to talk, and I think like a lot of
girls I thought, “OK, I’m gonna go into nursing,” or, “I’m going to go into
PT.” I thought about PT a lot, because being a
swimmer, it just seemed a natural fit. And, you know, I really don’t know. I do know by the end of high school, I had
decided that this is what I wanted to do. I went to the University of Kentucky for medical
school. I went to EKU for undergrad. After UK, I went to residency in Indianapolis. I’m in family medicine, and I chose family
medicine because I like the mix of things. I liked working with kids, but I didn’t
want to do pediatrics full time. I like working with adults. When you know that you’ve done something
really good for a patient, I mean, and it could be something as simple as talking them
into that colonoscopy and then finding out that they have a polyp that could have turned
into colon cancer … I mean, that’s as rewarding to me as anything.

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