Meet Dr. George Hansen, Family Medicine Physician

My name is George Hansen. I’m a family physician at
NorthPointe Family Medicine. I got into medicine as a
result of I was a Boy Scout, s and the very first merit badge
I worked on was first aid. And this gentleman is still
a patient of mine now, and I believe he is right
around 86 years old. Family medicine allowed
me an opportunity to care for a broad spectrum
of people who I don’t think I otherwise would have met. One thing that might be a
little bit unusual about me as a physician is that I
enjoy both spectrums of life. I really enjoy working with
young parents with new babies, and I’d say that I also
found that I really enjoy the end of life,
the last part of life. Those are the things that make
family medicine what it really is. One of the most
important things to me is to let the patient know that
I am listening to what they have to say, so eye
contact and body language are all things that
are important to me, and things that I use in helping
to make a decision about caring for a person as well,
and more importantly do the best that I can
as our relationship grows to understand you as not only
a patient but also a person. I think right now
the role that I enjoy and I’m most passionate
about is helping guide people through the health care system. When folks are healthy, I think
it’s pretty easy to do that. It’s probably when they’re
ill or experiencing a significant life change that
my role becomes very important now, and experience
that I bring to the job has really I think made me
the physician that I am today.

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