Meet Dr. Lisa Rauner, Family Medicine Physician

[MUSIC PLAYING] My name is Dr. Lisa Rauner,
and I am a family practice physician. I work at Bryan Women’s
Care Physicians office. I was always interested
in science and in health. When I was in medical
school, I rotated in a lot of different
areas and really found the variety very interesting. So that’s why I went
into family medicine, so I could see a
variety of patients and a variety of
health problems. Currently, I’m very
interested in women’s health. That’s really what I do now. I focus my practice
on women’s health. I like to see a
variety of patients, starting from adolescents
through elderly patients, and really focus on working
with patients to be healthier to prevent illnesses, as well
as all aspects of women’s health problems. I like developing
relationships with my patients. At our office, we like to
provide personalized care. So you’re not just a number. We know you. And to be able to
communicate well– I like to work with my patients
to talk about health problems and illnesses and
what’s going on, and to teach patients how they
can take care of themselves and become healthier. I really enjoy that. I feel very honored that
I can be a part of that, of those special times
in a patient’s life, and sometimes tough times
in a patient’s life. And it can be very
difficult, but very rewarding to be able to help with that. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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