Meet Dr. Michael Myers, Family Medicine Physician

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. My name is Mike Myers. I’m a family physician at
Holmes Lake Family Medicine. I used to work at a factory
in Kearney, Nebraska. I was in charge of automotive
engine valve production and gears and fan shafts
on the night shift. And my wife was in medicine
as a registered nurse. We decided that I would try
and go back to school to be accepted to medical school. And after 2 and 1/2 years
working nights in the factory and going to school
during the day, I was accepted to UNMC in Omaha. In every position I’d
ever had, employment, I ended up being the guy
that had the overview. And medicine was no different. As we went through
rotations, I liked them all. And one of my mentors during
medical school at UNMC recognized that,
and thought that I had an aptitude for
family medicine, and encouraged me in that way. And I wound up going into
it and very much enjoy it. Geriatrics is a
practice that involves more of the older patients. I consider it to
be 60 and above. The special issues
that they might have are arthritis, multiple
medical issues, and multiple medications
that need to be managed. I’ve come to appreciate
my geriatric practice. I think it’s a
special group, and I think it fits in
well with the way I like to practice right now. Having lived outside of
Nebraska for six years, I came to appreciate how good
we have it here in Nebraska. I think Lincoln is
a great community. It’s been ranked
previously as one of the best small communities
to live in in the country. We have a very good
crew at Holmes Lake. And I think having a network
of physicians and facilities leads to more efficient
practice in the community, and for all, better outcomes. I can’t imagine a more
fulfilling and enjoyable position. It’s very rewarding to be
able to make a difference. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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