Meet Dr. Ruilin Wang, Family Medicine Physician

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello. I’m doctor Ruilin Wang, I’m
a family medicine physician at the Southeast Lincoln
family medicine clinic. I’ve been practicing for
16 years in Nebraska. I like the family medicine
because for the full spectrum for the practice, it’s cover
all age group of the family, from newborn to grandparents. From general physical exam to
the complicated chronic medical units. We also do minor procedures
in the office too. I enjoy taking care of
the whole entire family. And I like to see all members
in the family stay healthy, and everyone has
productive life. And from the newborn
babies you watch them grow. It’s such a wonderful thing. And I also take care
of geriatric patients too, from the nursing home. And I like to talk to them
as well in the office. It’s all variety of care. And help people get better,
especially at the patient follow up, so that they improve
their medical condition, so that’s very nice. This is a great, perfect
group combination. We all work together and see
cover each other’s calls, cover each other’s patients. And all the staff in the
office is very helpful. I’m happy to be here. I do speak Chinese. We have quite a bit of people
come in with their parents, not speaking Chinese,
which I help them a lot. And the relatives
of Chinese friends. A patient can expect
my courtesy, respect, and professionalism. I think that what’s important
for me is a patient’s trust. I always wants to do my
best to earn the trust.

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