Meet Dr. William Thomas, a physician at LewisGale Regional Health System in Christiansburg, Va.

(light upbeat music) – Hello, my name is William Thomas. I’m a physician for LewisGale. I work in Christiansburg
where I specialize in internal medicine and pediatrics and even sports medicine. We deal mostly with all
types of sports injuries not surgical, the surgical
aspect of the injury but certainly taking care of concussions, sprained ankles, pulled muscles, anything that you would see
in a sports environment. I first got my interest in medicine when I was in high school
and had a very close friend of mine that was ill and needed to be in the hospital and that
sparked inside of me a desire to wanna take care
of people and help people and I’ve always been a rather outgoing people person anyway and so the two just kinda blended together
and became deep interest and desire to practice medicine. The best part about being
a physician for me is in working with patients through difficult processes and seeing them improve and far exceed
their own expectation in terms of what they
might be able to recover to and what possibilities
might be there for someone who has either suffered a
severe illness or injury and watch them in that recovery process. In addition to doing
all of what people think of as the standard medical
practice, I also do and enjoy doing a lot of manipulation. Very similar to what they would think and see in the chiropractic type field except for the fact that we do this from a medical perspective where we focus on diagnosing a particular problem in the musculoskeletal realm and
we find a way to fix that. And whenever you can improve structure, then you improve function. And so it’s a really gratifying aspect of the medical care that I provide. And want them to know that I’ll be their biggest medical advocate. And really help them along this journey that is their health. (light upbeat music)

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