Meet Eric Johnson, DO | UnityPoint Clinic® Family Medicine – Parks Area

Family medicine we really see a variety of things. We might see somebody for a Well check or people coming in for acute things whether that’s a sore throat or cough, the flu, those sort of things. And we also do a lot of chronic management some people that have diabetes or COPD. I also have passion for mental health things, like anxiety depression and treating those. Whenever I see that there’s a need to be better, I I always try to fill in that gap and try to improve as I can. I really love the Des Moines area Again, it’s just it’s got that small-town feel while still being a big city. I of course come from a small town so it’s Des Moines is still the big city to me. Kind of a collector of hobbies if you will. I’m a computer nerd so that’s that’s something that I like, tinkering with technology. I’m a runner, I like to run. I’m also like spending time with my wife, and we really like going to movies. That’s something that we like to do. I like sci-fi and my wife probably puts up with sci-fi. I know how to knit. My grandmother taught me how to knit, so in the past I’ve done that. Every once in a while i’ll knit a scarf or something so… What makes me laugh? This interviewing is apparently but It’s always rewarding when when we are able to make progress on things so you know even little things if a patient comes in are trying to lose weight. They lose a couple pounds. That’s a big deal.

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