Meet facility dog Becky – Penn State Children’s Hospital

Say, “Becky is such a good puppy!” Love and attention. Becky’s been
very sweet. We’ve had a visit with her twice now and it’s really helped Avery
with remaining calm. “Becky.” [MUSIC] >> I’ve been a Child Life Specialist for 18 years and I’ve
worked around many children and families in the hospital setting and when I bring
Becky into a room, it makes me feel so proud that we have this wonderful
service to provide our patients and families. >> When Becky came in and laid on my
lap it just like brought me back to being at home, like, my dog doing the same
thing, it made me feel so much better So I wasn’t feeling too good this
morning but this really helps. >> And to know that she is making a difference,
just by her presence and to know that I could be a part of that and being able
to work with her side by side and just see the difference that she can make
each day – “Oh, that’s so beautiful.” is so important. “I love that, Avery!” Becky is gonna love hanging that right
by her bed. … She’s gonna love it!

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