Meet Hang Tran, DO, MPH: Primary Care Physician

I chose family medicine because it allows me to be at the front line of my patients health in terms of prevention, management, diagnosis My background is actually in epidemiology and public health and it’s more patient population big picture with family medicine I see patients of all ages and health problems There are three things I like most about being a physician I like the opportunities to learn, to listen and to serve with learning I always like it when I learn something new with all the “ah ha” moments and the light bulbs going off and with listening I feel honored whenever my patients share stories that they don’t typically share with anyone or stories or hardship and vulnerability and I feel honored that I am in a position to serve them durning their difficult times. The most satisfying part of my job is um really being there for my patient I would say just being there for them during their tough times I hope that my perspectives encourage patients to come and see me because I do see quite a bit of patients who are new to the area and I hope I can be the person to help them navigate their health to make sure they go on the right track

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