Meet Judy Chen, M.D., Bariatric Surgery Care Provider | UW Medicine

JUDY CHEN: When I grew up
here, I used to volunteer here. And all I could think about
was being part of the faculty. And I’m so privileged
to be able to return to a great institution,
a place that really helps so many different people. And I’m excited to be here. With bariatric surgery, people
take the operation I do, change their life. Their medical
problems get better, like diabetes, joint problems,
obstructive sleep apnea. And then they return
and often tell me about things they get to
do from an operations. I had this patient once who– his daughter was
getting married. And he really wanted
to dance with her but couldn’t because
of joint pain. After the surgery, he
realized with his weight loss, his joint pain was
no longer an issue. And he came back showing me
wonderful pictures of him and his daughter
dancing at her wedding. Obesity is an epidemic. And so what I’ve
done with my practice is to incorporate not only
the patients but their family, the support, the community
of physicians and providers who are caring for
their patients. And it’s important to come
at this particular disease with a team approach. And I think it’s important
to always keep the center with the patient in mind.

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