Meet Kaiser Permanente Santa Cruz Physician Joyce Orndorff, MD | Kaiser Permanente

Hello, I’m Dr. Joyce Orndorff. I’m excited to tell you
that starting early next year Kaiser Permanente
will be able to serve our members
in Santa Cruz County. In January 2017, we’ll be
opening medical offices in Santa Cruz,
Scotts Valley and Watsonville. Our members will have access to Kaiser Permanente’s
high-quality, coordinated
primary and specialty care as well as laboratory services, x-rays, pharmacies,
urgent care and more. This is in addition to the convenience that
our members already have like our 24/7 nurse advice line and online features that
let them email their care team, refill most prescriptions
and view lab results. Plus we’re partnering with
Watsonville Community Hospital to provide local hospital
services and inpatient care including labor and delivery. Of course, you can
always visit one of our Kaiser Permanente hospitals in Santa Clara
or San Jose as well. As a Santa Cruz County resident
for the last 25 years I’m genuinely delighted that Kaiser Permanente
is coming to our community. I’m really looking forward
to taking care of my patients right here in our hometown. Kaiser Permanente is excited
to come to Santa Cruz County. We look forward to helping our
members and community thrive!


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