Meet Ken Taylor, MD, Primary Care and Sports Medicine Specialist

My name is Ken Taylor. I am a primary
care sports medicine specialist. I’m the chief of our division of primary care
sports medicine. My approach to patient care is really getting to know the
patient or athlete as best as possible what drives them what motivates them
what they’re worried about where it hurts what their preceding injuries are
and really trying to figure out the best way to get them better as quickly and
safely as possible. UC San Diego Health primary care sports medicine physicians
really take care of the athlete from head to toe we can handle any kind of
problem short of surgery we deal with rehab, training, diet we take a priority
to make sure that treatments are minimally invasive and maximally
therapeutic. Our experiences in professional sports medicine certainly
translate to the collegiate level they translate to a high school level they
translate to every level so I do a a primary care sports practice at
Children’s Hospital or I’m taking care of younger athletes. I see aging athletes,
senior athletes, senior Olympians, Olympians really athletes of all level
weekend warriors so providing that top-notch customized care to our
professional athletes puts me in an excellent position to take care of
patients who just want to get fit maybe they’re not playing sports maybe they’re
just trying to stay fit on the weekends, lose weight, protect their
health getting better health improve their physical condition
it really helps all along all along the course. So working with an athletic
population has been a true blessing. Our patients are wonderful, they learn from
me I learn from them, I try to practice what I preach playing sports myself
getting injured myself and I can translate that into how to better care
for my patients.

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