Meet Lacey Christian, P.A. – Hospitalist, Physician Assistant

My name is Lacey Christian and I’m a
Hospitalist Physician Assistant. A Physician Assistant is a licensed
medical provider that practices team-based medicine for
patient centered care. As a hospitalist we’re providers that specialize in acute care medicine
when patients come into the hospital We’ll say back in the day it used to be
that your primary care provider would come see you when you were sick enough
to stay in the hospital they’d come see you and then they would return to the
outpatient office but now we have providers that stay in the hospital 24/7
and I believe that when patients come into the hospital they deserve that, that
specialty care for the best outcome for them. It’s not unusual for some of our
patients to have two or three doctors seeing them and I think the important
thing about a hospitalist is being able to streamline that care to the patient explain what each doctor is adding to their care and ultimately what are the
take-home points for them and getting them the follow-up care with those
specialists when they leave the hospital I think for a small town hospital we
have all the right ingredients. We’re really involved in
listening to what the community wants and what the community needs and developing our hospital into a
higher level of care that we’re able to keep our patients in the hospital
they’ve always known. All of us are working toward that goal of getting the patient well
and getting the patient back to home. Witham has its mind set
in the right place they have the patient’s best interests at heart. I really have a desire to treat my fellow Hoosier, I mean, this is my home
and this is their home. Ultimately, I love at the end of the
hospital stay when the patient s came in acutely ill and they’re better and they
they get to go home to their loved ones and they’re leaving the hospital
better than they were.

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