Meet Lilly – Children’s Miracle Network – Penn State Children’s Hospital

I’ve never had anything wrong with me
until that day when everything happened at once I was twenty nine weeks pregnant
and I was on my way to work at Hershey Medical Center
a 16 year old just didn’t see the light he hit me in the driver’s side door my
first and foremost was Lillian is she gonna be okay
when I moved my neck I knew something wasn’t right and I want to move my
extremities my legs and I couldn’t feel my left leg once we got to the trauma
Bay then I told him that look my husband works here too the phone call came from
the ER chaplain at the time chaplain automatically makes you think she’s
gonna die so I dropped everything ran as quickly as I could to the ER they
basically kept me stable until they lost her heartbeat and then once they lost
her heartbeat and that was it they rushed me right to the OR the doctor
says we have to put you under we’re gonna have to move your neck there’s a
good chance that I wouldn’t make it out but you know she may I said we’ll do
what you need to do just save my daughter so I I didn’t think twice yeah
I get to say goodbye but I think it wasn’t long enough and I said if
anything happens it’s name are Lillian Coral and that was the last time I saw
him when they woke me up after seven and a
half hours of surgery they said congratulations your mom it was a really
good feeling but I I knew that there was a long road ahead for both of us they
told us that it didn’t look good she was so young and so underdeveloped
at that point there was a lot that she had to go through to get to a viable
stage besides her lungs not being developed she had a heart issue she also
had a grade two brain bleed she went through a GI type of infection I wanted
to be right by her side but I wasn’t able to obviously because I wasn’t
stable enough to do that it was a week before I met Lilly I was on one floor
fighting and she was in the NICU fighting today Lilly is 12 and 3/4 if
you ask her but she’s still my little girl I love to dance I love to sing and
I do that a lot it’s super fun for me my mom could tell
you I do it every day when I grow up I want to be a singer or
chef because if I were a singer I would be able to share my voice with the world
and if I were a chef I could make people happy with the food I make oh we’re
doing – she’s an eclectic fun-loving happy kid I can’t ask for a better
daughter I really can’t do to the brain bleed her fine motor skills are just a
little off sometimes she feels discouraged cuz other kids can run
faster or they can do this better than what she can do
but she doesn’t let it faze her you can beat your boundaries you can beat those
problems that happen to you in the past the past can’t define you your future
does just because the challenge seems hard doesn’t mean when you face it it
will be hard I’ve done 5Ks the people from Children’s Miracle Network
have meant to me a big deal because they’ve kept me here they kept my mom
here and they probably saved my dad a lot emotional distress and it’s awesome that
they help all these different kids with all these different problems if you go
in and NICU at Hershey take a look around almost every piece of machinery
bed everything in there it’s a little plaque on it and it says donated by
Children’s Miracle Network without the donations and the sponsors they wouldn’t
have that and I don’t know if I’d have her my message to the people who support
Children’s Miracle Network I can never thank you enough don’t stop
donating it helps so many kids and you’re helping kids you may not realize it
right the second just by donating a dollar but dollar can do so much I think
what you can learn from Lily is really just never give up I think she has a
very very very awesome future ahead of her
yeah she can do anything

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