Meet Michele Kowalski-McGraw, MD, MPH: Occupational Medicine Physician

What I like the most about occupational
medicine is my patients. I’ve gotten to meet some really interesting people
really cool jobs and I get to see them through a tough time when there is an
injury or illness at work it affects not just them but really their family too
and really their whole life because if you think about it
your workplace is where you have your friends what your identity is plus it’s
your income so you know it’s very stressful for people when this happens
and they can’t work so it’s really an honor to be able to get them through
that to really keep them working if at all possible even through the injury or
illness but ultimately to get them back to their job. So when a new patient comes
into our office the first thing we want to do is really get a good history from
that person. Our philosophy in occupational medicine at UC San Diego
Health is to really tailor our care to a specific person a specific workplace
that’s so important in occupational medicine because when they come in we
really want to know you know what is their job how did the injury happen how
can we prevent it from happening again and then the other thing they can expect
is that we are going to communicate a medicine is about communication and
collaboration if you really want to deliver the best care. What I like most
about working at UC San Diego Health and Rancho Bernardo is that there’s a focus
on really bringing that latest and greatest research and innovation that UC
UC San Diego health is known for to to patients there’s medicine is changing so
rapidly right now as you can see in the news every day but sometimes it’s hard
to really translate that to patient care but we’re really focused on that where
we are right now it’s a collaborative care we have urgent care or specialty
care primary care occupational medicine. We really do want to treat that whole
person that whole situation and make people healthy and functional

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