Meet Muli Safrai and his parents – Penn State Hershey Medical Center

Muli has neuroblastoma and when we finish
we get all the treatment in Israel, a very good treatment but when it comes again there
is no good treatment in Israel, no… After relapse, after relapse the percentages
of surviving five years actually are zero. And this is with the conventional chemo. But there are new trials around the world
and one of them – the one that best suited us was made here, is conducted by Dr. Lucas
in the hospital. It’s based on doing a vaccine against cell,
actually it’s to wake up the immune system and make it fight the cancer. And we didn’t find it in any other place,
so we are here. In the moment that we understood that this
is the right place to be, we just packed everything, made Dr. Lucas know we were coming and we
are here. We found the trial, I read everything, I’m
an MD now and so I read everything about neuroblastoma on the net and there is a very good forum
with parents they have for the trial. And I mailed Dr. Lucas, explained the case,
and he responded very quickly and he [arranged] everything very quickly and we just fly — pack
what we need and come. Without any big thinking on how we are exactly
going to do it. We just know that we need to do it. It’s a mess – it’s a messy situation
but if we can take the best of it. So we make a lot of effort to give them a
good experience of the states, of being here. We went one week in New York because there
was a delay in the treatment of Muli, so we say okay it’s an opportunity and we just
make a very spontaneous vacation [Laughter] and that this week we went to Amish village
and we do ride on a horse, it’s a big thing. The buggies, we really enjoyed it. They [the children] ask all the time why our
horse is so lazy, I want to go faster. [Child Talking – Mother speaking Hebrew]
We are without any family here. It’s very difficult for us, but we are in
so good community, it’s amazing it’s helped us a lot. People here are so nice, like, helping in
each way that they can think of, like, everyone who heard about the situation just tries to
help and everywhere and we feeling like a big hug from all of the community and from
all the people in the [Ronald] McDonalds House, in Hershey and in Harrisburg. We’re feeling like we are not alone. It was a hard time in making everything together
and just – but you know it’s time in life you need to do things and… Yea, it wasn’t so hard. The treatment – it’s a follow-up of long-term. Like, Muli now is one year, almost one year
after relapse and we just [had] a check and it’s clean. So to be clean in this stage it’s good and
it’s hard. When it relapsed, it relapsed like just again
and again and again, so if he’s clear now, for us it’s already – we win something. We really have a lot of hope and for us, just
hope is also something good.

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