Meet Nicole Woodruff, A.R.N.P., Primary Care Provider | UW Medicine

Endocrinology chose me, as specifically diabetes, most
of my patients have diabetes. And I started
working in the field about 10 years ago, just
to try something new. And it turned out
to be something that I absolutely love, and I
feel like I’m a good expert at. And I enjoy seeing patients
for chronic disease over and over again and building
relationships with them. So the reason I really
like diabetes is I get to do a variety
of things and see patients for different reasons. I enjoy the analytical
portion of it, picking apart blood
sugars and trying to fine tune medications. And I also enjoy the behavior
change, and the goal setting, and motivation with patients. I like to do a balance
of both things. I really enjoy meeting
people with a chronic disease that you think you
know everything about, but it fits on them
differently, depending on their circumstances. And so you don’t ever get bored. You really get to
learn about a person and connect with a person. and you just build
a relationship. I mean, lots of my patients
I’ve known for over 10 years, and I look forward to
seeing them, and hearing about their families,
and getting updates about their lives, and
seeing their progress, and be there sometimes when
things don’t work out well. And it’s just a nice
relationship to have.

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