Meet Our Members – National Academy of Medicine

Over the last decade plus, I’ve been
working to develop vaccines and medicines to impact some of the biggest
public health challenges around the world. My work has really focused on
developing new technologies and devices to deliver medicine to the body. A few years ago, a colleague and I completed a multicenter randomized controlled trial that was the first study to show that a medication could accelerate the recovery
of consciousness after a severe brain injury. I’m a gynecologic oncologist. I
take care of women with cancer. I’m trying to really understand why some women truly
are cured or survive decades whereas others do not get to live more than a
few years. I spent most of my academic career working on problems of the developing world, particularly infectious diseases. I’ve dedicated my life to
developing new therapies to help children and now adults with cystic fibrosis. We have a tremendous responsibility as
scientists to communicate the importance of science, the relevance of science, the
rigor of science. Our priority now is on education because we think that most of what is happening now is coming from the background of ignorance. People just don’t know. It is a wonderful opportunity for those of us who are members to help participate in shaping the future of our field. I like to do things that have an
implication for the public welfare and I think the Academy has a tremendous
commitment to that. I believe the National Academy of Medicine has a critical role for this country and for the world in providing a trustworthy
summary of the scientific evidence that exists. When you bring so many people with
such incredible talents together to address the most important questions
about medicine and improving health and reducing disparities, you just have an
opportunity to address the most significant problems. We cannot afford to
continue the way we are continuing in delivering health care in this country. We have a job to do to say, “How do we reformulate that?” “What is the new vision
for that?” and “How do we provide care to a variety of very diverse populations?” The National Academy of Medicine can have really big impact to make sure we continue to do the research and to make discoveries in these times. My name is Vivian Lee and I’m a member of the National Academy of Medicine. Josep Dalmau Valerie Reyna Otis W. Brawley David Meltzer Ned Kalin Melissa Gilliam Keith Klugman Susan Skochelak Linda Burnes Bolton Vas Narasimhan Robert W. Neumar Fastone Goma John Whyte My name is Tejal Desai and I’m a member of the National Academy of Medicine. How does it feel? It feel fabulous!

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