Meet Quincy Medical Group Orthopedic and Sports Medicine physician, James Raj, MD.

(bright music) – Growing up, I’ve always loved sports, and coming from Texas, sports is huge. I did some of my training
in Houston at MD Anderson, and I was lucky enough
that I did my fellowship in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. So you’ve tons of
professional athletes there. You’ve got three professional teams. I got to meet some of those guys, work with them and work
with their trainers and training staff and things like that. So pretty neat experience. What I really enjoy about sports
medicine is the mechanics, just the physics about it, and when someone comes in
and says my ankle’s hurting, my hip’s hurting and they’re a runner, looking at them and seeing
what’s wrong with that, their running form, things like that and how to correct that whether it be just different
shoes, physical therapy, things like that. It’s sports medicine. I went to school for that. I did a fellowship in that, and that’s sort of my
passion, if you will. And to get an opportunity to do that again is just very exciting.

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