Meet Safa Maki, MD, Internal Medicine | Ascension Michigan

Hi I’m Safa Maki, I’m an internal
medicine physician. I chose to go into internal medicine
because it’s one of these disciplines where you can take care of your patient
as a whole and not focus on one problem so if somebody comes to me I can always
listen to all their issues and address them all and help to work on everything
instead of just focusing on one system or one problem or have a transient
relationship with my patient where you just like do a surgery and then never
see your patient again, so I like the fact that I can keep in contact with my
patients and I can manage everything that relates to them. Treatment is not just medications.
Listening, knowing exactly what’s bothering them and addressing those
issues is one of the most important things. After especially like two or three
visits you can see that they have great trust in the way that I actually care
about their health and they’re willing to talk to me about many issues they
don’t feel comfortable talking to other people about and they’re sure that I
have their interest as my priority, it’s their health that I care about the most. Being able to see your patient over time
and see how they grow to trust you, how they’re eager to see you and greet you
when they run into you and how you as a physician can help them to get better
and manage their health issues so they can actually enjoy their life, that
that’s very rewarding to me. I like to spend time with my family and
friends to catch up and I also I like to spend time with my cat, and I took up
gardening as a hobby so I enjoy, I like taking care of my plants, following up
their growth and replanting them.

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