Meet startup Augmedix, a doc automation platform to help physicians

Holub, Senior Product Manager at Augmedix. And Augmedix is rehumanizing
the doctor patient conversation. Doctors today, unfortunately,
spend about 50% or more of their time over an eight
hour day doing documentation and other administrative
tasks, not seeing patients. And so what we saw as an
opportunity is to leverage software, to
leverage technology, to ease that burden on a doctor. So right now, the way
that our service works is through a combination
of humans and software. We’re able to provide
a scribing solution. So a doctor has a normal
conversation with the patient. They wear Google Glass. We transmit that
experience around the world to a human expert in
a custom developed software environment called–
we call it the scribe cockpit. And in that scribe
cockpit, we have a number of different
solutions leveraging machine learning to help
make their job easier, things that you can expect
around speech recognition, around entity detection in
natural language processing, and a number of other
tools and technologies that we’ve embraced there. And the way that
we do that is we give the doctor Google Glass. And they put that on at
the start of their day. They wear it throughout the day. And they see their patients
as they normally would. They have normal
organic conversations. Through Google Glass, we’re
able to send information back to the doctor through
the heads up display. So we can retrieve information
from the EHR for them. The doctor can ask when
the last lab results were. The scribe is on the line
listening, taking notes, in the EHR for the doctor
throughout the day, so that at the end of the
day when the doctor’s done, their visits have been
fully recorded accurately. And they get to review
those notes and go home. Launchpad experience for
us has been fantastic. We’ve had a great
relationship working with the entire Launchpad team
and have had the opportunity through those engagements to
help think about and leverage machine learning more quickly,
more accurately, level up the entire organization
around machine learning, getting away from the
mindset of what delivers value in multiple
years to how can we leverage what works today? How can we modify
what works today? How can we customize what
works today to deliver the most impact to our organization? Launchpad has been a
critical business partner in helping us think
through those problems and connecting us with all the
various teams within Google that are working on
these really, really amazing technologies that,
if leveraged within a company and modified in the right ways,
can deliver exponential value.

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