Meet Tanja Noecker, Family Medicine Physician Assistant

My name’s Tanja Noecker, and
I’m a Physician Assistant, and I work at NorthPointe
Family Medicine. I knew I wanted to go into
medicine for a long time. I like helping people. I like finding out what’s
wrong, and trying to fix it. I like to see if we can get
to the root of the problem and get some answers. I do a lot of women’s care. I think it’s just
for being a female to make women feel
comfortable, so I do a lot of preventative
medicine for women. I also like chronic care
because in my internal medicine background, I really like
that complex intertwining and different disease states. I really try hard to make
it easy for the patient to understand so they can be
a part of the decision making process. I pride myself in having
that kind of relationship, where I’ll be the best
I can and recommend the things I know
they should do so that if there are any
things we need to discuss, we can do that. I love being a
Physician Assistant. It’s very you’re working
on a daily basis. From the simple things that I
can fix quickly in the office, and that makes people
happy, to the things that may take a few tests
and a few different paths to get the answer, and
then they feel better, and it’s very rewarding to
be a part of the end process.

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