Meet the Class of 2023 at UC Davis School of Medicine

– So I picked it up, and it was Charlene, and she’s like, “We’d like to welcome you to
UC Davis School of Medicine.” And the first thing I said was, “Are you serious? “Like, is this a joke?” And she’s like, “Nope, this is for real!” And then I screamed. I ran into the living room
where my parents were sitting, and I was like, “Mom, I got in!” And my mom dropped her laptop
and was just like, screaming. And then I just couldn’t stop crying, and I was like, I was just so thankful, and I was like, “Thank you so much,” and I was shaking. It was like the greatest thing ever. – So I saw that I was getting a call from a nine-one-six number, so I ran from my cubicle
all the way down the hall to the stairwell, and I picked up the phone, and it was Charlene congratulating me. So I was just jumping up and down, screaming in the stairwell
among all these coworkers, excited that I got into Davis. I was so happy. – I was actually in a
receptionist’s office, and so, you know, answering phones, and you can’t really scream. So I’m just kinda shaking
my hands, going crazy. But I was super excited, ’cause UC Davis is my dream school. – And I was checking my email all day, ’cause I knew that would either email me telling me I didn’t get in, or I would get a phone call. And I hadn’t gotten anything, so I went to go lay down on my mom’s bed, ’cause I was kind of bummed out. And I checked my email again, and there was no email, and literally right at that moment, my phone changes into an incoming call, and it was a nine-one-six area code, and it was Davis. And then after that, I just kept saying, “OMG!” It felt surreal. And then after that, we just cried, and they we prayed. – For the first time, actually, I got speechless. I believe they said, “Hello, are you still there?” And so after that, I put forth a few words. It was kind of embarrassing, but it was a great feeling. I got off the phone with them, called my mom, called my
brother, called my girlfriend. I called everybody. – To be completely honest, I was really reserved, but as soon as the phone call went off, I let out a huge yell, echoed up in through the stairwell. People came out and checked on me and poked their heads out, and I was like, “Sorry,
just got into Davis. “Gonna be a doctor.” – I was working full time, and I was having a hard day, so I went to go get
myself a snack. (laughing) And I got the phone
call in the chip aisle, I still remember, and I started crying, of course, ’cause it had been a long time coming. – My husband and I just jumped, we cried. It was just a whole full
mixed emotions moment where I didn’t know if I
should’ve cried, laughed, and I just jumped of excitement. – Because I was a kid, I’ve always gone with my
mom to her appointments. I always translated for her. And now, as a physician, I want to be able to
both practice medicine in English and Spanish
so that I can help people just like my mom back in the day. – Being a doctor really
represents a conduit to a healthcare system
for a lot of people. – I grew up in Southern California in a Vietnamese immigrant family, and I have one brother and one sister. And my little sister, she
had a lot of struggles growing up with her health, born three months premature. And so kind of watching her grow up in a bilingual, single-mother
household, low income, really inspired me to advocate for kids and families in similar situations. – I think the most important thing about why I want to become a doctor is being able to return to the communities from where I come from and being able to provide health for them, and at the same time, being able to break those barriers that sometimes affects
their access to health. – A lot of my family, it was hard to see doctors. From working in the fields, it was a lot of migrant working
through the Central Valley, and that was a reason for me, that there needs to be more
doctors in the Central Valley. The clinician shortage is
real where I come from, and it’s something I
want to help alleviate. I want to help adjust this issue. – I chose UC Davis School of Medicine because Sacramento’s my home. I was born and raised here, and I’ve interacted with these populations for my entire life. – I came from an emergency
medicine background in which I got to serve
at a local county hospital and really see community support, and that is one of the things that UC Davis really prides themselves. I could definitely see that based off of all the connections
that they have going on in the communities that they’re serving, and I really wanted to
become a part of that. – UC Davis is well known for primary care. It’s located in Sacramento. I am interested in keeping
being involved in health policy, so integrating the clinical practice to the health policy in the population, changes that I want to make, really drew me to UC Davis. – I chose UC Davis
because this is the place where I grew up and I was raised, and this was a institution that took care of my
family members growing up. And it was an honor for me
to come serve the population, the community that I’ve
become immersed with throughout my upbringing. (soft music)

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