Meet the Girl who is OBSESSED With Cockroaches

so this video starts off quite normal but what what why are you the cockroach chillin in the room we're about to find out oh it gives me shivers so many shivers I can't there's a cockroach in the room was mom even no no I can't be left alone in there with that thing it's the worst part as you can hear its legs like I don't know if they added those sound effects and after or what but it's grossing me out no no for a second I was like in shock I was like do I what it took me a moment to like really grasp what was happening and that is a hell lot of cockroaches in a bed if I saw one cockroach you know I'd be burning down this house and rebuilding life starting anew okay for a second I thought she was gonna eat it I would have been more gross up by the kissing if I didn't think she was gonna eat it I thought she was gonna I love cockroaches I feel like they'd be crunchy don't kiss cockroaches I feel like they can carry diseases might be one of those myths but our cockroaches dirty AF and I don't care if they're not I associated them with dirt therefore they are dirt look how happy she looks now I feel kind of bad because she looks so genuinely happy girl needs some new hobbies they were squirming it was it was literally a mountain of roaches a mountain I thought the five was bad enough thousands how do you even fit thousands of roaches in your house what if one of those roaches gets a loose and it goes to the neighbor's house and then it goes to the next neighbor's house and then the roaches make babies yeah this could go horribly wrong obsession cockroaches goal to teach the world to not be afraid of cockroaches I mean it's sweet in theory but I'm not down no matter what you say shall be like you're cute but you're never gonna convince me to own a cockroach I mean I wouldn't kill a cockroach but I don't want to own one I have touched a cockroach once and it was horrible and it stuck to my hand and I was like ah you guys ready for this I ate and went to kill them because I knew if I flung them around okay I don't like killing things even if they gross me out I'd rather them kill me oh my god that's why you liked them I thought there was gonna be a better reason than they tickle you a lot of things can tickle you and it doesn't have to be roaches wait look keys they tickle me I'd much rather you be obsessed with keys I mean it's still weird but at least it's not a cockroach she really likes them so god I mean first of all it's great that you want your daughter to be happy but discipline like your parents gave their kids everything that made them happy there would be a lot of messed up kids like there's some things parents need to be like okay I understand it makes you happy when you punch your sister in the face but you can't do that like imagine if parents just let their kids do everything that made them happy I don't think your daughter should have a thousand cockroaches I will settle here okay I say she can have five cockroaches okay and keep them in the tank at all times that's me sadly not a thousand how didn't keep track of them does she count them every night how does she know they haven't gone missing oh it's everywhere it's crawling never absolutely thank you and just get rid of them but I can deal with them I do have freak out moments every once in a while oh my god the baby cockers are even grosser oh my god they look like tiny little worms I didn't take the big ones as much as I hate the little ones Oh usually baby animals are like way cuter than their adults but not baby cockroaches I feel like those you could just lose them anywhere they could like crawl in your nostrils or something but overall you know I've come to accept Shelby's passions I can't I can't I simply can't imagine this your daughter loves only eating candy nothing else and you're like it makes happy yeah let her do it well guess why she couldn't die like you need other things in your life other than candy like you cannot live off just candy you need protein and I don't know it's other stuff I mean wouldn't we all like to just see candy but we can't because we human there on your like I swear all day today I'm gonna be like trying to hit things off of me and oh I feel like the creepy crawlies all over me like are they in my hair my favorite thing about how gorgeous is that someday yes dad knows what's up the rest of the world out here trying to have a cockroach less free life this girl over here trying to make everybody else's wishes impossible she's trying to overpopulate the cockroach population she's over here trying to literally breed new cockroaches like make a whole new race of cockroach I don't even know and everybody else is like trying to get rid of them you're not helping just that they can be funny girl I'm sorry but I think you're funnier than the cockroaches how can cockroaches be funny how what's the deal with lampshades yeah I mean if it's a lamp why do you want shade oh okay she's pregnant it's an egg casing makes me feel a lot better than what I thought I was looks gross don't let them breathe they sound scary aren't these ones dangerous or do they just sound dangerous because they're like also how can you sleep with all that's it actually stopped the girls learning how to train her at cockroaches at least I'll give credit when it's due she's told the cockroaches shut up and it shut up oh that one's even worse cuz they'll just blend in with the carpet oh I mean that's kind of cool that they change colors but I still don't want nothing stinky I'm stinky enough I don't need any competition in this house also she's so brave she's just like literally diving into a box of cockroaches did you watch her dive watch this look she's just diving in she's like I use to clean up the dead bugs in my cage so it doesn't smell so bad there needles because they eat the flesh off bones lovely what was wanted a beetle that eats flesh off bones I'm kind of more afraid of the beetle than em the cockroach and I like will it eat my flesh I think we just gotta throw the whole kid away at this point that was that was a joke that was a joke the parents need to go also a joke kind of like what was i obsessed with it as a kid pokemon cards hell no toys mainly pokemon cards like that was my obsession yeah I forgot a little bit into like you do cards and Digimon cards but like not too much pokemon cards were my gym I still have them my boyfriend keeps telling me to just sell them and I'm like let's watch another up session okay the boy obsessed with vacuum cleaners honestly I'm okay with this is a weird a little but at least you've got a clean house I'll take a clean-up session over a dirty one any day but then again like your house is clean but then it's also cluttered with vacuum cleaner it's like look at this thing even have room to space wait what you even have space to room wait what do you even have space to clean do you even have room I can't talk anymore I'm really sick by the way guys I'm just trying to push through I'm a little obsessed with making videos I guess you could say I feel joy when I vacuum like I said it's a bit weird but I'm not hating on the kid aren't vacuums expensive too I need to buy a vacuum got a new place and we don't have a vacuum and I'm not in there right now so two more months hmm and then I'm gonna do a house tour for you guys I'm so excited okay so vacuum cleaners can apparently be anywhere from $50 to like a thousand so I mean they can be expensive but let's hope not all his vacuum cleaners or a thousand because where is the boy finding all this money then he comes downstairs I mean we all need a hobby as long as he's doing other things as well I'm not hating and then through my living room through the dining room and then my kitchen she loves it mom loves it all the mothers around her like how do we get our sons addicted to vacuum cleaning well come home from school it makes me feel kind of annoyed because there's always a vacuum running around I guess that is kind of annoying what he needs it with him everywhere I usually like to go to other places the vacuum okay now now it's going a little too far I mean you don't need to bring your vacuum with you everywhere it's a bit of convenient no I don't even like bringing a bag with me sometimes because I just don't want to carry it and sometimes I'm like oh do I bring a jacket with me because then if I get hard after carries a jacket and I'm just like oh I don't want to carry things this dudes over here was like a vacuum bigger than him mom just want some free labor am i right she's like yeah fashioned meanwhile she just puts just someone to pay for an actual cleaner my mom so long my dad's a fire chief so okay I like having Logan down here at the fire hall of course he like and he's like my maid if you will whoa dad just say he's like my maid I was just making jokes on turn almac mom loves it haha it's like his mates no but dad actually said it came from dad's mouth it's not a joke anymore this is real I hope this kids not bringing the back to the school and back you mean in the school cuz mm but he makes sure he cleans I have the cleanest trucks in northwest Iowa if my son was like coming to my work everyday cleaning like this I don't think I'd even allow it I'd be like you know what maybe you don't need to do that have you runs out of trucks to do and the floors to do you'll be out the base sucking up the cracks and I keep on vacuuming until it's all done and then I repeat every day Sibley is a small town everyone knows everyone and they may not know us directly but they'll be like hey your son is the vacuum kid is that the reputation you won the vacuum kid I mean me me I don't know next thing you know we're receiving vacuums from these people that were broken and most people thought oh just let him play with them and just experiment with them and things like that okay but now he's repairing them and handing it back to him so here's your vacuum huh everyone I just gave it to you to play with I didn't expect it returned in working condition he needs to make a business out of this turn your passion into a business and you'll be the happiest person ever there's some like life hacks some life advice for you guys I wanted to add to my collection vacuum cleaner keep it my boy Logan over here he did it he's pretty young I don't know how old but it's pretty impressive for our boy his age type of business where's my money I feel like a detective trying to find out a crime he's pretty smart dig deep more into the vacuum I find something odd looking I always take that apart and put a new one back in and then voila the most important part about fixing a vacuum cleaner is having to test a vacuum cleaner I'm laughing because it's just like if I think I find really adorable how like passionate he is I don't even know he's that but he was so happy up saying he was so happy like you could tell he just loves vacuums I use Twitter as my test us because it's one of the hardest substitutes to vacuum up it's true glitter glitter stays for life Oh vacuums doing pretty well perfect some kids with some weird obsessions now only the first school could make a business out of cockroaches anyways guys you guys have any weird obsessions I think I have an obsession with food no but seriously I'm always hungry it's a problem anyways guys I hope you enjoyed this video I love you all so much stay awesome stay sweet and don't forget me neither


  1. I used to love collecting these bug things and they where like beetles and they role up if you touch them and they are not Evan scary and I don’t hate all bugs I don’t like snakes but I think they are cool I like lizards and those bugs but I’m not a seat with them and that pretty much all

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