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this is New York City home to over 8 million people a real melting pot and this is Times Square on any given day visitors from all over the world come to experience the energy of this place and those who visit are as diverse as those who live here so if you want to collect opinions from a wide cross-section of humanity this is the place to be that’s why I’m here to ask people a few simple questions and I’m just there will be no shortage of opinions what do you think of when you hear the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints they have a nickname that’s probably more common what comes to mind when I say the word Mormon [Music] stay into your own I guess they just don’t really celebrate anything right Kenneth’s filling in Gabe’s got the week off he’s Mormon you know how they are about me Mormons celebrate Christmas watches the same TV shows listens to the same music likes hot dogs they have their own sharing a man you’re like a Mormon wife I found three as you can see opinions are all over the map my name is Jenna and I’m a Mormon but as you’ve seen that’s just a nickname in more official terms I’m a member right here in New York City so do they have any black people in Utah maybe drinking next to you we all have a drinking problem for many people their knowledge of Mormons has been shaped largely by media and popular culture which surrounds us not necessarily the best way to get accurate information Mormons so who are Mormons really what makes us tick what motivates 15 million members of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints to do the things we do the best way to separate fact from fiction is to go directly to the source and recently a small crew of documentary filmmakers did exactly that they took a peek into the lives of six Mormon families from around the world though these six different stories reveal a few of our basic beliefs we really are because of those beliefs so what are Mormons really like you decide the filmmakers first stop is Atlanta Georgia where they explore one simple question what’s the flight to be a Mormon Bishop to balance a regular full-time job with family and still after I’m left over for this important volunteer church responsibilities my Heavenly Father has given me certain talents and abilities to expand upon in my life and I feel like if I don’t expand upon I mean using the way that he would have me use him and I failed I want to be not necessarily famous or great or anything but I just want to be who I was put on earth to be my name is Jermaine Sullivan this is my wife Kim bass ullevΓ₯l we’ve been married for eight years we have three beautiful boys Jeremiah Abram and Cortland I work as an academic counselor I have a workload of about 200 students that I talk to on a regular basis I tell them what it’s gonna take to complete their degree and sure that they’re in the correct program I am a virtual teacher so I get to work from home and then I also get to interact with the parents more often I was in the church building and a woman walked in just kind of off the street and she wanted to learn about our family history center and I told her I could certainly help you with that I’m Jermaine Sullivan I’m the bishop here and she kind of stared at me for three or five seconds you’re the bishop I didn’t know they have black bishops in the Mormon Church and explain to ya I’m the bishop I lead a congregation here right here in Atlanta good morning brothers and sisters Bishop Sullivan has heart he’s just very warm and caring and sensitive person Mario how are you doing sir I have to be honest with you when I was called or asked to serve in this capacity I was terrified it’s not an age matter it’s a matter of being in tune with the Spirit of God I think about Peter James John and many of these were fishermen the Lord called common men to serve and and bless the lives of others to serve alongside him in accomplishing his mission the way he did it then he certainly does it the same way now sometimes you have men who are older seasoned veterans sometimes we have younger men like Bishop Sullivan the exuberance with which Bishop Sullivan fulfills his calling makes it easy for him to relate with the younger members of his ward he’s been my age before tonight I’m teaching the youth how to step which is a dance form commonly associated with african-american eternities and sororities and I kind of picked it up when I was in high school in our faith when you were called as a bishop you don’t serve in that capacity for life there’s no hierarchical sort of flow upward in the church wherever the Lord needs you to serve that’s where you’ll serve happy birthday this in our faith Sunday School teachers any of the administrators none our salary none received any financial compensation so it is not a paid ministry it is not a paid clergy convey she says she teaches the youth in the church she doesn’t get any money no one does but the Lord definitely gives us blessings as we serve others we recognize first that Jesus Christ came here to serve he is the grand example of servant we have to serve I think that’s a way that the Lord kind of guides and leaves us he strengthens us as we serve others typical morning in the Sullivan home is a lot like a three-ring circus Sunday morning we get up and try to get ready for church and it’s really hard because I’m by myself Jermaine is at the church getting ready for meetings it’s three against one they are dynamos it’s a known fact the bishop’s kids are bouncy little fellas they’re just high-energy and they’re non-sugar Joshi the boys love to eat good morning I have my backpack for no levar things that will hopefully keep him quiet she finds away I just admire the way she’s able to handle it and the patient she has with me as I serve him with the children as they the Atlanta Wood is a very special place togetherness wholesome just being together you can just feel the love that’s here God is the author of diversity you look at the trees the plants the flowers we don’t have just one flower we have a variety and their colors vary and their forms and shape vary I’ll focus on those things that make us one and I think that creates a very profound sense of harmony and unity in the church perfect by no means is it perfect which is an indication by this barbecue that he brought in here that’s him brother Park and I have a continuous debate about whose barbecue okay put it to him this way I said you pull out your calendar I’ll get my calendar and we’ll have a competition of grill-off if you will to see who’s chicken tastes the best naturally I win but he’s a good man Jermaine regularly drives down to his hometown of Tuscaloosa Alabama to visit his older sister and reconnect with his past our house in the neighborhood was considered the house for all the children everybody would want to flock to our house and play with us we were so close together that people always thought he was my child well my mom and my dad got a chance to see that before they both passed I’m getting to be the bishop and things in church and they made them so proud cuz nobody ever thought of it we never religious disagreement even though the faiths are different belief is the same I’ve always tried to build on common beliefs you can always acknowledge that they’re gonna be differences so there’s no need to debate so much about that it’s who you are as a person first 25 day we must kind of start out and the Lord God said up to me Mormon study from a variety of Scripture two key sources are the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon both testify of Jesus Christ and neither replaces the other before becoming a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints I kind of claim to vaguely be a Christian and in joining the church it became infused into everything I do every the way I view the world my belief in Jesus Christ totally impacts that my testimony of Jesus Christ helps me to be a better mother I try to follow the example of my fav EUR I try to live as he would live I don’t view Christ to some abstract idea but as a person who is all-powerful and all-loving who knows me and wants to take care of me and my family the next stop on the film crews round-the-world journey and nebulous Maryland home to the United States Naval Academy where CAD Niumatalolo works as head coach for the Navy football team Wow I think the game of football teaches the game of life there’s good and there’s bad there’s the ups and downs I think the mental toughness that it teaches you know will help young men and some of the things they’re doing life you know what a quarterback does is totally different from an offensive lineman with the snapper does is totally different from the kicker and even though they’re all individual and specific and detailed they all got to work together in order for you to be successful nobody’s more important than the other and that’s just like in a family you know I’m not more important than him or the children everybody has their job my dad coaches the Naval Academy that’s this team but my parents are a team too we have three children our oldest is Alexia her son bah and our youngest is Ali the coach from the Naval Academy Ken is just a great guy they were Academy so fortunate to have them real down-to-earth he always focuses on the things that matter most when he was hired I’ll always remember in the press conference he said first and foremost I am a father and a husband and then a football coach he’s probably the biggest goofball I’ve ever met in my life joking around doing impersonations and stuff like that he’s all composed on the football field but when he’s home with us that’s when he can relax and be himself and we laugh and joke and just have a lot of fun and he’s very mellow the thing that he’s always taught us ever since we were little is to put the Lord first and everything else will work out but seek you first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you if we put the Lord first everything else will fall in place for many coaches success is defined by climbing the career ladder to larger programs or the NFL but with Ken the motivation is very simple and very human it could be rock paper scissors my dad doesn’t want to lose losing his least favorite thing in the world I’d love to play basketball and my kids you know we played for many years that’s the only way that you know that we’re having fun is if there’s trash talking I was number one as far as speed for many years I graduated moved down to second you know let’s get past me then Bob passed me gonna leave passed me I still haven’t passed him I’m not in last place I’m still number four rivalries between Ken and Alexia is pretty heated recently she beat him for Mormons Sabbath Day observance and church attendance is extremely important even though it can sometimes present a serious challenge in the world of college football Sunday’s are so critically important that’s really a race against time to really prepare your team for the next game and you only have six days until the next game first became the head coach four years ago I made a conscious decision that we as a staff would no longer have organized meetings on Sunday I think it shocked quite a few of the guys their eyes gave me look like what we’re gonna get killed he also said coaches this is what I believe however if you feel strongly that you need to do certain things on Sunday I’m not gonna hold you out of the office I’m not gonna take your keys away everybody has their own choice you know coach Niumatalolo prepares himself by going to church I’m not pushing my religion on anybody else but this is how I get ready Ken’s current church responsibility is teaching a Sunday School class of 10 year olds quite a contrast from his day job it’s a great experience for me to come to see their innocence it’s almost fun for me to come on Sundays to be with them I enjoy singing the primary song or the songs for the youth cookies and the snack time is all definitely great for me and because Jesus was resurrected guess what happens to all of us it’s funny one day for him to be with a bunch of big linemen the next day with a bunch of little little children but I think it kind of shows more of who he is can everybody find John chapter 11 but do not mistake for one second to me not coming to work means I haven’t thought about our opponents by coming to work early on Monday mornings I come in at 4 o’clock cuz I know the Lord once you do working he doesn’t want you sitting ok game days are always full of tension but even more so when the game is against a rival service academy in this case the United States Air Force my dad leads a team when they’re walking into the stadium from the buses and the band’s playing and everything it’s it’s pretty emotional well game day for me is mostly very stressful all of your preparation that week everything that you do leads up to that day you just kind of hope you’re ready watch the brigade march on then we usually have a flyover all the wives they’re really emotional especially especially my mother an emotional rollercoaster and so you are just worn out I think my mom cares more about the game than my dad like if someone gets tackled or misses an assignment she takes it pretty personally it’s pretty funny I always have to remind myself that this is important but like let’s say we lose I have my few beautiful children they’re healthy I have my husband you know we’re best friends he’s a very passionate person he loves his football players he loves his team I know that my dad can have a temper but I’ve noticed over the years that he’s definitely been able to control it [Applause] [Music] on the field it may be necessary you just get fired up and I think that’s a really good thing lots of times when he’s upset his headset comes off and then you’ll see him go talk to the ref or maybe to one of the players that just came off the field well knows younger the bishop gave me some counsel did as long as I was able to control my temper tip the Lord would bless me but it also if I was not able to control my temper then did obviously would not receive those blessings for Ken Niumatalolo his daily life is quite simply an extension of his faith continually striving to overcome personal weakness and constantly working for improvement I have a quote it talks about managing your anger you know it’s really a weakness it’s not strength and I’ve always tried to use that to help me because I know I need to have the spirit with me to help me make decisions and I know that when I’m close to the spirit I can feel the spirit and help me in making decisions it’s very clear and tangible to me and I’ve heard somebody tell me at church that you know well the Lord doesn’t really care about Navy football and I think to some extent that’s true but I know he’s concerned about me and my family and this is my job you know doesn’t these I’m like crops you know I’m trying to provide for my family and if I lose you know I won’t be able to take care of my family so I go to the Lord to help me to make decisions not to win or lose but to make decisions ladies and gentlemen the commander-in-chief trophy winner the United States Naval Academy by recognizing coach Ken Niumatalolo for being here once again where is it theory is ready hard to missing mr. president on behalf of United States Naval Academy and the Navy football Brotherhood we thank you for the great honor for allowing us to be your guests once again we’re so happy to be back we had a lot of success you know we were able to go to a bowl game every year that I was there and I truly believe that a lot of that comes back to the way that he lives his life Costa Rica means rich Coast and it’s right here where Milton and Carolina Madden call home watch closely because this story may challenge what you think you know about the roles men and women play in Mormon homes we love nature we love freedom we love that we can go to church without any problems in a place where we can give our children this opportunity to live free so close to nature everything is very close my house is about an hour and a half from the beach 45 minutes from a volcano and a half an hour from a mountain we both love extreme sports and here in Costa Rica we gone [Music] my name is Milton marine my wife’s name is Karolina Munoz we didn’t marry for eight years and we have two sons for me being a mom is a dream come true the first time I saw my babies the first time I saw you is be able to embrace him and have him near me it’s the most special moment but I keep in my heart intelligent of course I’ve always enjoyed that about ten years ago a pair of young lady missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints knocked on Carolina’s door and shared their message with her dough boy listen thief I could feel the spirit so strongly my whole life I had been a member of the Catholic Church all of my family are still members of the Catholic Church I told them that I had learned something new but it was very good and I knew they had a lot of truth and a lot of knowledge for us decided to become a moment and that was a little hard for us not because it was the moment Church or any other religion because it was a change from our religion to a different religion at first my parents were a little nervous about this change but they’ve always trusted me and they allowed me to get baptized in fact they even came to my baptism yeah we support her in her faith as long as she is developing that she will undoubtedly have our support my parents are great examples and are very important to me it doesn’t matter the religion I will always love them the same and they will love me I like martial arts and midtone one day when we were already married he told me there’s no competition do you want to try competing and I said let’s try it and I liked it when they see Karolina so pretty and then they see her getting into the ring to compete with someone [Music] she when I get into the ring and after being in a competition I do my hair put some makeup on wear heels and I go to leave people ask were you the same person who was competing yes that was me when the bell rings you need to fight but that doesn’t mean you’re going to be disrespectful or that you hate that person in the World Cup in one second place thanks to Milton and all the training and time he gives Carolina’s rapid progress recently attracted the attention of ikf world champion Eric Parker – three – duck – three – Milton her husband is a gifted martial artist in his own right and a fantastic coach a great instructor during a fight he is my most important guy also the most nervous jeez the level of her ability to compete is with that question and she would do well as a professional fighter even though Karolina has quickly progressed in her newfound hobby she and Milton have decided to keep things in a family perspective interested in taking karolina to fight abroad for money to compete and enjoy the sport we love and keep it at that level so as not to sacrifice our children and not sacrifice our family and those that we love after I graduated from high school I studied law when I returned from being a missionary I finished my law degree but my passion has always been the martial arts between being a lawyer spending all day in the office and being in the gym sharing with young people we decided the best way to stay young active and healthy often at events or also in our gym we collect donations the Mavin’s recently started a new give back campaign with their Catholic friends rather than pay an entrance fee to special events attendees donate school supplies or food for those in need [Music] earthquakes or simply for people and also a part of the students monthly tuition very important for us to share with others some of the blessings that we have been given and for the mothers the blessings have been plentiful there now busier than ever traveling throughout the country teaching classes and expanding their business they have grown to over 1,000 students becoming the largest school in Costa Rica though it’s not easy Milton and Karolina find a way to balance home and family with work and outside interest on a daily basis they’re successful because they work together as a team I wake up very early in the morning Nixon takes care of the family and I go running [Music] [Music] did I get back home and I have my normal mother life [Music] many people think that women should be subject to man it is important to give the husband the respect he deserves but most important is that the husband knows that there is a queen in the house como podemos tener una Familia oxytocin yes una Familia una proclamation Perelman that a man must respect his wife that it’s not acceptable for husband to abuse his wife or his children Jesus Christ it says that we can have a successful family if it’s based upon the principles of love charity and respect is that we are always willing to learn from each other to forgive I think that a successful family is not just a family that stays together for the rest of their lives a successful family is a happy family for the modern family it’s about love mutual respect balance and teamwork there aren’t very many qualified 92 year old pilots in the world but the film crew caught up with one in Elizabeth City North Carolina throttles idle prop control forward and what a story he has to tell yet on the left Cal flap one and twos open Jill valve 4 off to cross feeds off Trevor here down in cold every time I take off it’s almost like renew I’ve hidden thousands of other flights I’ve made it’s a mosaic like a painting you see the difference in colors in the field the powder ground trees or orchards and then all of a sudden there’s the ocean white waves coming up on the beach at the controls uncle wiggly waves is he was called during the Berlin Airlift used to rock his wings back and forth indicating to the kids on the ground I still do candy drops today because it gives me a feeling inside that I could get in no other way young people your age this is the story of a 27 year old pilot whose act of kindness set in motion a trail of events that truly transform the entire world right after Pearl Harbor fresh from his Sunday School class and the farm fields of Utah this young Mormon boy signed up for the Army Air Corps pilot training program before long he was flying in the war effort under the command of the Royal Air Force Berlin ever since the end of the war three years before tension has been increasing between the allied military government and the Soviet borders of East Berlin at the end of World War two Berlin was divided up into four on the western side was the American French and British sectors and the eastern half of Berlin was occupied by the Soviets Stalin decided to cut off those two and a half million people living in the western side of Berlin from everything they needed to survive food clothing medicine just electric power two hours during the day and two hours during the night show collado own services wobblers in town even hoped Essen wobblers and tom the only options that America and the rest of the Western world had was to walk away from Berlin or to start World War three and people started supplying Berlin by air and that really turned into what became known as the Berlin Airlift I just imagine the people wait for weather next door for bread is gonna come from certainly it was the greatest humanitarian effort not ever undertaken this place was like a beehive bees flying all over the place and an airplane coming over the fence every five minutes later on as we got a little better traffic control even faster than that it was like a string of silver birds tied together in a long string one day Gail was filming cargo planes on their low and dangerous approach to the airfield when something out of the perimeter fence caught his attention the barbarous about 30 kids kids 8 to 14 and they started to speak to me in their school English and telling me about what it’s like and how they appreciated food cold we’re bringing him they said don’t worry about us someday they’ll have enough to eat but Fiddler’s our freedom we’ll never get it back just don’t give up on us I was so interested in these kids I lost track of time don’t break it we won’t give up on you we’ll keep coming I got a go and I got just about five steps that voice came to me just clear as a bell and I sure it was the Holy Ghost go back to the two sticks of gum he tore those two sticks of gum in half and gave me without giving it a whole lot of Galle concocted a crazy scheme to drop his candy rations to the kids standing at the perimeter fence near the approach end of the runway but one problem remained how would the kids on the ground distinguish this airplane from the hundreds of others landing every 90 seconds those kids look well that’s the airplane went to my Copa engineer John Pickering and Sergeant Elkins said guys I need your candy ration sorry good guys they got their ration boy I had a double handful of chocolate bars Wow that’s pretty heavy make the wrong impression so I used three parachutes the next morning just before noon as gale flew his approach to Tempelhof airbase he saw the kids assembled at the perimeter fence just as planned without hesitation he wiggled his wings back and forth and prepared for the candy drop elkins pushing down just as we were approaching the fence after the third drop Lieutenant Halverson and crew flew back to rhein-main Air Base in West Germany when they arrived an agitated officer boarded his plane and ordered gale to report to Commander Haun immediately Colonel Haun then proceeded to grill the young Norman lieutenant about his extracurricular activities parachute you almost hit a newspaper guy in the candy boy yesterday he’s got the story all over the world how ursin you didn’t have permission he was taking his career and the career of everybody else involved into his hands because they would mean not just a reprimand but probably an immediate court-martial general Turner who was known as Willie the whip an incredibly harsh commander he didn’t send Gail Halvorsen packing he told him to keep on doing what he was doing to recruit others to join his operation and it became not just the candy bomber or the candy bombers everybody sooner or later heard of this crazy lieutenant up there throwing candy out the window now he got everybody doing in no time at all a tidal wave of excitement propelled members of gale squadron to start dropping candy to various locations throughout Berlin Gale directed the briefings on what would become known as Operation little vittles soon word spread stateside and candy came pouring in from a variety of sources including the Hershey Candy Company but what no one could have realized at the time was just how impactful these efforts would be on boosting the morale of the German people a former enemy in their hour of need familiar Volk – Elton quantitive Luke soya iron flings in a zoo which didn’t we honor of my son kite out of vielleicht of my love like crazy and and I’m trying to catch up with them and my little feet can carry me very fast and then my brothers would come back with their little handkerchiefs and their candy great how is your father that’s assignee dear fun I’m Kristen Gail Halvorsen Bar 64 years later they still haven’t forgotten he did it how to do criticism as hard he was an order – he just saw the need with a little act of kindness to rule Oh sex joke I’m stopped World War 3 by the conclusion of the 14 month operation Gale and his Watchmen dropped 21 tons of chocolate from the sky and in doing so helped sustain the German people through a continued renewal of hope I don’t believe that the airlift would have succeeded and that the people of Berlin would have been able to stand their ground was it not for the kind of inspiration that Gail Halvorsen and the others provided the Berlin Airlift officially ended in May of 1949 and Gail was reassigned stateside with the support of his new bride Alta Gayle continued his distinguished military career and together they raised five children but new challenges lay in store for Gail after 50 years of marriage his wife Alta suddenly died of a heart attack rather than look back however Gail pressed forward continuing to lose himself in the service of others in time he would meet and marry Lorraine pace of a motto Arizona she had the most beautiful teeth I ever saw the smile to go with it she had her original teeth today at the age of 92 Gale and Lorraine still participate in commemorative candy drops they enjoy an extremely active lifestyle exercising every day often walking five to ten miles in the desert surrounding their home in Arizona in addition they are actively involved in their community always serving always willing to share what they’ve learned with others through their combined 182 years of life experience things I learned those days in sunny school all my life service is the bottom line to happiness or fulfillment the Dead Sea’s dead because it wraps his arms around all the fresh water gives that nothing turns to salt I need to her neighbor hoods we got dead sea salt because they have no outside contact or it won’t serve its service before self gratitude attitude those kind of things can bring you through the darkest time you don’t get happiness from a bigger house or more money that’s the false God and the only true feeling the worse the person has is when you get outside yourself when you help somebody else and following the Savior’s examples would agree that one was able to do that there’s the only way to happiness from the low deserts of Arizona all the way around the globe to the foothills of the highest mountains in the world another man driven by the same need to serve others resides with his family in Katmandu Nepal [Music] I love my country Nepal the beauty that God has given to us by his creation the high mountains green hills Nepal is naturally really beautiful there are lots of tall mountains here I’m ranging from 26 thousand feet to 30 thousand feet it’s really breathtaking we didn’t have a good weather and a good view it’s like you look and look and look and you’ll never get enough most of the government works are done in Katmandu the universities are here better schools are here so it’s good for my family to be here I am Bishnu Adhikari I live in Kathmandu with my family my wife Mangla our first daughters Meena secondary Rebecca and then our son ji worship Vishnu and his 10 siblings grew up in this remote village of la jeune nestled deep within the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range we had a small patch of land where we cultivated our food I was raised in a very religious family my parents were very faithful on what they have believed for generations I trusted God whatever the God that at that time we believed in because there were many however mostly I were saved out of here I decided to go to a Christian school and I was exposed to the new religion and philosophy that was brought by Jesus Christ and I felt really good about it later on I decided to go to a master in United States for two years with that degree and engineering background I find a job in California I worked there for less than a year and I felt like I have so much to do back in Nepal I need to go back I am so fortunate that my work takes me to the remote areas where I have people there are underprivileged in many ways and I find ways to help them and it has been my dream from the childhood that I could help others to get similar opportunities so I decided to come back and be part of this process I could never give them the hope that ambition it gives them because he was a boy and these schools that really had no way of getting out of poverty and he did Bishnu is currently working with us-based choice humanitarian to build new schools roads and water systems in areas that until now have not enjoyed such basic vital services [Music] I’m gonna edit on osaki not here sorry City denim education is the key for them to come out of poverty development is very very slow people are suffering I would like to there is a spring about 17 kilometers away up in the mountain and the gravity pushes that water through a conduit through a pipe and pushes through the valley and stores in this tank and distributes to the nine different community of 1,500 families when Bishnu comes to visit these villages is in town he is such an example for what is possible and for these people that’s what they need that they need that hope when people give me additional or extra emphasis I feel uncomfortable because I don’t consider myself special than them and as a son of our Heavenly Father they and myself in his eyes we are we have a custom in the bar that is called putting tika it’s like a red chalk and you put it on the forehead that’s a sign of welcome and respect even though so many people depend on the services that vishnu and his organization provides he takes time out just for fun just for family my dad dances very goofily he doesn’t really know I love to take part in celebrations and I love to make up things and dance and enjoy people and be part of the celebration he tries to dance everywhere he goes and seeing this goofy dance everybody who has like waited for some turn to dance everybody gets up because of his goofy dance in terms of dancing yeah in 2002 I climbed up to the Mount Everest base camp and I took opportunities and say my prayers I felt peace and comfort at the same time I have hard time to believe that any locations are better than others for your enlightenment it’s your desire to call upon God and be in tune of the spirit wherever you are when I was in Russia as engineering student I met missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints and went to have a discussions I thought wow I need to grab it I need to be part of it and I’m so happy so very happy that I made that decision [Music] Rocko put recruitment is ask Iceland man Somali activist Vasa that I having a father brother distress sir now I understand that he loves me he loves all of his children and that is the reason why he has given his son Jesus Christ for us to be able to come back to him it’s a totally different perspective different understanding of God so there is no fear it’s rather a love shortly after Vishnu converted to his newfound faith his father expressed serious concerns and asked if you would now be forced to abandon traditional family and cultural practices I explained that it’s a culture and faith two different things becoming a Christian doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your culture when we meet our Father boy starts the feet with a forehead that is continuously trying for improvement is the foundation of our gospel genuine effort to become their friends they impressed me very well wherever I go and I hope and continue to work on my weaknesses that I may be genuine to that relationship so that it’s not one day effort or two days a month effort but it’s a genuine effort for a lifetime I’m no close to the perfection but I’m perfect in one thing I’m perfect in trying Mormon missionaries maybe you’ve seen them white shirts black nametags and now even more often young lady missionaries – so who are they what motivates their worldwide voluntary service I’m gonna guess Austria Switzerland today is a special day in the Armstrong home because today their oldest Errol Anthony opens a much-anticipated letter from the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints informing him where he’s been assigned to serve his two-year voluntary mission they’re not I got my mission call it’s kind of crazy I had few friends over it was a Tuesday night was a day of a lot of excitement turmoil anxiety and it was turmoil anxiety elder Armstrong he right here buddy called to serve as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints you’re assigned to labor in the South Africa it was an emotional moment for me because I’ve known Anthony since he was a little baby and he’s growing up to be such a fabulous young man that someone who felt had nothing and was weak and really didn’t have much to live for when I first met her was now full of life it was a stark contrast from what we saw in Council Bluffs Iowa 35 years earlier Dawn’s young life was off to a rocky start her parents were only 16 years old when she was born and as fast as it began their marriage abruptly ended the only family she knew was broken apart after my mother split up she turned to drugs alcohol nurturing just we’re not an option because my mom just wasn’t emotionally available to provide that kind of support to us I’ve been on my own since I was 15 I just couldn’t take the abuse anymore shortly after I found myself in the same situation that my mother was in and I got pregnant at 16 I was not married my boyfriend was not interested and assuming the responsibility of parenthood at that time and so Anthony came into the world and I was alone in raising him after spending the better part of a year in a homeless shelter Don and Anthony were finally able to get an apartment of their own it was here where they met two sister missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints we talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ in different ways that applied to her and how she could change her life she needed friends and so as we were able to teach her the Gospels she talked to us in a way that were more different than other people we taught today we are getting raincoats pretty much everything he’ll need for two years fifty pounds we’re looking for how nicely it fits across the back here I think that a mission is going to teach him a depth of soul that he wouldn’t you wouldn’t get it home I think it’ll teach him how to lose himself in the service of others you compare it to your suit which complements your suit more that one okay right it’s surreal having him try suits on and things like that because the days are counting down and I’ve worked hard so that’s how I’ve been able to he will have a much richer experience because he did that I challenge all of you to prepare do all that you can to make sure you’re worthy to go I can’t help someone be better in their own life if my life isn’t in order ship and just make sure that my life and everything was in order with the gospel and hence teachings the Gospels been such a enjoy in my life and that’s something that I want to share it was a very difficult time for Don I mean she was already struggling but just trying to make things work and give her son the best life that he could have my boyfriend and I got back together we tried to make a go of it because of course you want the fairy tale you want your children to have their father in their life I became pregnant again with our second child my boyfriend was adamantly against having another child and then he said that it was over and a month later tre was born he was beautiful he was perfect I think it was in December we received a call from her in tears indicating the tre had passed away even losing him I went through alone I think that was hard for me to have a child bit no one ever saw my parents never held them never looked at him you know the missionaries would come over and I would just they don’t talk to me about God you know where is God in this no God but I know but what thought this happened to one of his children at this point I’m in Arkansas and in this teeny tiny town I walk into a convenience store and the the woman that was working the cash register she could see that I was visibly shaken she kind of stopped me she said are you okay instantly I was just so emotionally overwhelmed and so alone that I confide in her what I was going through and she said are you religious and I said well actually been studying the LDS Church them the Mormon Church and she said well I’m a yes and when you know I can call some missionaries over here and I’d be happy for them to give you a blessing and at that moment I knew it just hold on you’re almost there you’re just so close and I’m here and I love you and my mom is real I knew that if she would come in and she would take that next step that it would bring happiness in her life my life soon after dawn was baptized as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints then just a few months prior to her 19th birthday and with a strong desire to start fresh Don and Anthony made a big move out west and never looked back shortly thereafter she met and married Craig Armstrong a local grown Mormon boy from Salt Lake City Utah from that point on her and Anthony’s life would never be the same it took me forever before I had actually admitted to myself that she was my girlfriend girlfriend your mother did yes sure he told me she’s got a little boy nice as well that doesn’t create a problem because if you love her then we’ll love the little boy they see me as a person they don’t see me as black Anthony they don’t see me as you know oh well he’s half in half you know they see me as Anthony they see me for who I am Craig is very special in lots of different ways but one of the things that gave him a great depth of character is the fact that he’s missing a leg on his left side what most about skiing is it’s probably one of the only sports that can really do that I feel unlimited and I love that because my life has been full of physical limitations my oldest has been really great there’s a father I’m always trying to push my kids always to that next level push them a little bit out of their comfort zone so they get that additional growth not once every from the first time that I met my dad however thought that he was disabled that’s one thing very valuable that Craig brought to the table was the fact that he was different there’s a commonality there that I knew that would be able to identify help Anthony when he struggled when it came to being different I love my dad he’s always been there there hasn’t been arresting match that he hasn’t seen and been there to coach football he’s always been there to help I just have a lot of respect for him I just have awesome parents the day of Anthony’s departure is finally here and like most families who support missionaries it’s a mixed bag of emotions we’re gonna have to fold everything that’s tiny for the next two years Anthony’s only contact with his family will be through weekly email and one call home each Christmas and Mother’s Day like your heart walking outside your chest your head knows all the right reasons that he should be going but your heart just does not care it’s like your heart in your head or constantly in turmoil and Anthony is a huge part of my heart he’s the oldest brother he’s the leader of the pack and that leadership is going to be missed I’m proud of him Longo’s people bless many lives and it’s worth doing I mean I’m a living result of the miracles that can come from missionary work [Music] I can’t be selfish no matter how much I love him I he’s not mine he was on loan now it’s time to give him back first time and it’ll be hard everybody Armstrong everything’s been going good here at the Johannesburg MTC I think the church sends missionaries out because there is people like me waiting for their lives to be changed I sincerely believe it in life there’s there’s really no there’s nothing really random wave it God makes appointments for us with others one of the people see a missionary on the street happens to be my son I would just encourage them to keep their own appointment so not shut got out to open themselves up to the possibility that there’s something out there that they don’t realize and hope that they would just take a minute to hear his message one choice can change everything and then that one choice turns them to another amazing choice in just like one bad choice can spiral into just despair and hopelessness good choices can turn into miracles and potential and realized how to find peace you’re not always going to be perfectly happy but you can always be a totally different now to go through hard things and have that support the perfect combination for a happy life as you can see Mormons come in all sizes shapes and colors we belong to a worldwide family the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints we are not perfect and low II struggle and worry about all the things that most people struggle and worry about we found some things that helps us meet the daily challenges of life the gospel of Jesus Christ Mormons respect and defend the rights of everyone to worship as they choose and we invite all to join with us on common ground to live as the Savior lives serve as he serves and love as he loves so if you want to know what makes us tick the answer is simple we strive to follow the example of Jesus Christ we love God and believe that he has a plan for all of us we believe that each one of us has amazing potential each one of us has an important part to play just and pretty soon you’ll start Oh to let it bring down [Music] it’s so amazing [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]


  1. I love it!!! perfect was His plan for all of us… Candy dropper, Anthony's life and Nepal life move my faith higher ground, my heart was touch and open my sight towards the purpose of life.

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