Meet the Roche External Innovation Oncology team

The mission of the External Innovation team is to identify novel, promising therapeutic concepts, actually from the brightest minds across the world, and then work with those as partners to really translate their ideas into medicines. There are so many interesting and novel therapeutic approaches going on at the moment in cancer research. And this comes at a time when technology is rapidly advancing, the understanding of biology is rapidly advancing, and when this is combined, this can really make a big difference for the cancer patients. So we understand that we cannot do it all alone. Not one company can solve all the issues, all the challenges for cancer research. Therefore we want to look for the brightest partners in the world, work with them and basically combine our knowledge with their knowledge to make a difference for the patients. And this is what makes me excited. This is why I’m passionate about my job. Roche is a very unique partner because it combines the scientific excellence and the world-leading drug development capabilities under one roof. And Roche is also very unique in the way that it combines Pharma and Diagnostics. And this is in particular important for the development of for example personalised medicines. And in addition for External Innovation itís also important to mention that all our collaborators are treated as true and equal partners throughout the development process.

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